Portable Rename Master 3.9.5086 Build 54894 Freeware

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Portable Rename Master 3.9.5086 Build 54894 FreewareThis is the portable version of Rename Master – a program that lets you easily rename files in batch mode. Installation is optional. But Portable Rename Master can be stored on a removable device (like a USB flash drive) and plugged into any computer, from where you can directly run its executable file. What’s more important is the fact that your Windows registry keys will remain intact. The interface of Portable Rename Master is simplistic and pretty intuitive. You can use an Explorer-based layout to locate and select the files that you want to process. In the list you can check out the name, new name, size, type, as well as date of creation and modification of each file. So, you can remove words, numbers and expressions, the beginning or ending of the string, by position, before or after a certain character. In addition, Portable Rename Master allows you to replace numbers, names and phrases, split and move string, add characters to the beginning, ending or on a specific position, and more. Furthermore, you can change the case, capitalize words and sentences, enable the tool to preserve extensions, to detect and capitalize Roman numerals and to use full regular expressions, and more. On top of that, you can open and save scripts, clear renaming options, toggle large thumbnails, refresh the file list, exclude hidden files from the list, enable auto-preview mode, enable Portable Rename Master to open maximized, and others. The simple-to-use application runs on a low amount of system resources, can guide you to a comprehensive help file online (too bad it doesn’t have snapshots), has a good response time and didn’t freeze, crash or pop up errors during our tests. We highly recommend Portable Rename Master to all users.
Anyone that has worked with websites, file archives, or collections of music, videos, or pictures has probably spent way too much time renaming hundreds of files. This utility adds, removes, or replaces parts of the filename easily and also supports renaming via file properties, MP3 tags, JPEG JFIF and EXIF tags. Batch renaming that’s simple to use, yet still very powerful. You can also download Rename Master (installer version).
Here are some key features of “Portable Rename Master”:
  • Intelligent number sorting
  • JPEG/MP3 tag support and many more Meta-Variables
  • Auto-Preview support
  • “Scipts” to save commonly used renaming options
  • [*] and [?] command prompt style wildcards for replacing and remove options
  • “Undo” button so a renaming operation can be rolled back
  • Floating thumbnail window for viewing pictures and optional thumbnail file list view
  • Optional Explorer integration for right-clicking on folders or using “Send To”
What’s New 
  • New (Misc):
  • added environment variable support to the breadcumbs path
  • updated Regular Expression library
  • Fix (Misc):
  • improved JPEG/EXIF support
  • dropped files broken
  • Fix (Command Line):
  • script execution broke, agai
  • Includes changes from the previous Test versions

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