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Portable Personal Video Database FreewareThis is the portable edition of Personal Video Database. As its name implies, the app allows you to manage a database of your favorite movies. It addresses users of any level of experience. Thanks to its portability, the tool’s installation procedure is based on a simple extraction operation. It is possible to store the extracted files to a USB flash drive or similar storage unit, in order to run it on any computer. In this case, the Windows Registry is not updated with new entries, and no leftover files can be found on the hard drive after deleting the program. Plus, you can keep Personal Video Database in your pocket whenever you’re on the move. The interface of the application is clean and somewhat intuitive; you can add a new movie master to the database by writing its title and original title, and by specifying a file from the hard drive. In addition, you can enable the automatic import of movie information, posters, front and CD covers and file information, as well as mark the movie in question as “seen” or “wish to see”. As far as movie information goes, you can edit the year, genre, directory, producer, writer, composer, actors, country, original languages, IMDb rating, along with other details. It is also possible to insert TV shows into the database and add new episodes by marking the season and episode numbers. Other features of Personal Video Database let you mark movies as “loaned”, set movie ID numbers, reset all filters, switch to full screen mode, sort items in the list, set bookmarks and navigate through them, connect to a server, protect the server with a password, as well as export it to a wide range of file types, such as CSV, HTML table, simple plain list, or XML. The comprehensive software app is backed by a user manual, has a good response time and uses a moderate amount of CPU and system memory. We have not experienced any difficulties throughout our evaluation, since the program did not freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs. To sum it up, Personal Video Database should please all users who want to organize their favorite movies in a database.
Portable Personal Video Database allows you to catalog your movie collection fast and easy. Thought-out user interface and different database management function make it easy to create and manage big movie databases. The program is expandable with plugins. The application can automatically retrieve the required information straight from a user-defined movie database, thus making the entire process quick and efficient. Other important features of Personal Video Database include Loan management, full Unicode support and many more. You can also download Personal Video Database (installer version).
Here are some key features of “Portable Personal Video Database”:
  • Easy to use User Interface
  • Many different information fields (not needed fields can be hidden)
  • Many configuration options to make the Program in the way you like
  • Powerful filtering and grouping
  • A possibility to save Posters, Screenshots and Covers for each Movie
  • Different Import / Export Plugins (for example: import movie information from the web)
  • TV Series support
  • Statistics
  • Unicode support
  • Password protection
What’s New
  • A possibility to add values instead of replacing in Mass Editor
  • Option: Update record on link click
  • Option: Best match selection after timeout
  • Improved -checkurl switch to enable URL comparison while checking for record existence
  • Changed .jpeg is now accepted in image selection dialogs
  • Changed Added Finnish and Greek translations
  • Fixed Grouping by “Borrower”
  • Fixed PVD started on disconnected monitors
  • Fixed “Ignore case” option sometimes produced duplicate list values
  • Fixed Clearing date fields for people
  • Fixed Some minor search fixes
  • Fixed Screenshots were not visible after automatic creation
  • Fixed Issue with apostrophes in database path
  • Fixed Fixed some issues with handling errors in plugins

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