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Portable Password Safe 4.1 TrialA relatively safe password is composed of both numbers and letters. However, what makes passwords more secure also makes them easier to forget. Portable Password Safe is a program that can help you manage and store all these key words. The app comes with a nice interface that’s easy to navigate, thanks to the intuitive layout. Thus, whenever you want to store a new password, you must enter a short description, the website’s name, the username or email address. Additionally, you can pick one of the password types, such as “Bank Details”, “Computer Logon”, “Credit Card”, “Document”, “Email account”, “Instant Messaging”, “PIN”, “Security Code”, “Skype”, “Software Access” and “Web Logon”. Other types can be added with the help of a simple form.  The program lets you create as many entries as you need and provides a search tool that enables you to find the desired password faster. As an additional safety measure, the app comes with an onscreen keyboard. In this way, if there are any keyloggers on your computer, the login information remains private. If you use Internet Explorer, there’s also an “Auto Fill” feature that can come in handy. This enables you to enter your private information immediately when you visit the web-page. The program also comes with an integrated password generator. You can choose the number of characters the key string should have and the encryption strength (256-bit or 512-bit). All in all, Portable Password Safe is a useful program. Inexperienced users should find this software easy to work with, thanks to its overall simplicity. Furthermore, as the name suggests, the app is portable, which means it doesn’t need to be installed to function.
Portable Password Safe is a simple yet efficient application that can keep your passwords and data secure with 256-bit encryption, and it can be used from your PC or USB storage device. Portable Password Safe is a great personal data management tool. One ‘Master Password’ is all that is needed to access all your passwords and personal information. Portable Password Safe keep passwords and other private information secure by using strong encryption algorithms. Strength is often measured in the number of bits used for the encryption key. Many systems commonly use between 64 and 256 bits. Most cryptographers consider 128 bits to be strong enough to take a very powerful computer many years to break. View or edit your passwords, and drag & drop or copy your passwords and other information to web pages and other software. Strong encryption keeps your information safe and secure. You can also download Password Safe (installer version).
Here are some key features of “Portable Password Safe”: Manage your Passwords: · Manage your password entries with the searchable list. A password entry can be a combination of URL, your user name, and your password, which in Internet Explorer can be used to automatically log you into websites. Generate Random Passwords: · The Password Generator can generate random passwords of any length you specify. Random passwords are secure and much harder to compromise. Password Safe remembers all your passwords for you. Portable Password Safe USB Thumb: · Portable Password Safe gives you the security, freedom and flexibility to carry all your passwords, contacts, personal information and bookmarks, which you can use on any Windows computer simply by connecting the USB thumbdrive. Onscreen Keyboard: · Portable Password Safe has an optional on-screen keyboard which protects your data entry and preventing keyboard sniffers from discovering what you type. Advanced Password Search: · Portable Password Safe has powerful Advanced search option which will search all parts of your password entry and present the results on a Google-style list. Limitations: · 5-day trial period

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