Portable Defraggler 2.15.742 Freeware

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Portable Defraggler 2.15.742 FreewarePortable Defraggler is a software which enables you to defragment your hard drive, thus freeing space and speeding up the hard disk functioning. Since it is a portable product, Defraggler doesn’t require installation. You can simply place it on an external device and run it on any computer. More importantly, your Windows registry keys will not be modified. The user interface of the application is simple and easy to use. You can select a volume to analyze or defragment (normally or quickly). You can also check the drive for errors, defrag free space and optionally allow fragmentation. Next to the volume names you can view their file system type, capacity, used and free space, as well as fragmentation and status.
Portable Defraggler is a defragmentation tool designed to work on files, folders or the entire disk drive. After analysis, Portable Defraggler will list all the fragmented files on the drive together with their location on disk. The application supports individual file defragmenting. Portable Defraggler is a special edition of Defraggler than be run from a removable drive.
Here are some key features of “Portable Defraggler”: Defrag Individual Files: · Most defragmentation tools only let you defrag the whole drive. Defraggler gives you the power to select individual files and folders to defrag. So you can get the job done in seconds, rather than waiting for the whole drive to complete. Of course if you want to defrag the whole drive Defraggler will let you do that too. Compact and Portable: · Defraggler was written in the same compact architecture as other Piriform products (CCleaner and Recuva). This results in a compact single EXE application, which can be copied to a thumbdrive and then used whenever you need it, without a complex installation process. The EXE itself is less than 1MB! Locate Files on the Drive: · After analysis Defraggler lists all the fragmented files on the drive. Selecting one or many will highlight their location on the disk. Allowing you to visually see the location of files on the disk What’s New · Optimized performance of Analyze and Defrag on all OSs. · Improved Context Menu defrag features. · Added File Type and Last Modified Date columns to the File List. · Added progress information to Boot-time Defrag. · Improved handling of locked and read-only drives. · Improved management of unmounted drives. · Added additional drive information. · Minor GUI improvements and bug fixes.

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