Pixsta for Pokki (formerly Instagrille for Pokki) Freeware

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Pixsta for Pokki (formerly Instagrille for Pokki) FreewarePixsta for Pokki is a small utility that provides a quick method to access the Instagram account and browse for photos from within Pokki’s start menu. It can be considered a desktop client for the popular photo sharing website, enabling you to view the latest posts without even opening the web browser. Once Pixsta for Pokki is installed on your system, it can be easily launched using the dedicated button in the taskbar, displayed right next to the Pokki icon. Browsing the picture database and searching for photos does not require you to be logged in, but there are other actions that cannot be performed unless you grant Pixsta access to your account. Once logged in, you can view your profile, read the official feed, press the ‘Like’ button for each image that you find inspiring or interesting and even write a comment to describe your thoughts. One notable feature is the possibility to share an image on various social networking websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest. Alternatively, you can send the image to your friends via email. The navigation options are a very easy way to go to previously accessed sections of the application. Optionally, you can open the currently viewed image with the default web browser or save it to your computer using the dedicated download function. This application can be used for looking up images or Instagram users. For your convenience, all queries can be saved by the application and used at a later time. Those who use Pokki on a regular basis will surely like the functions that Pixsta for Pokki brings along. It helps you view the most popular photos and images posted by nearby users, like photos and perform similar actions just as if you were using a web browser.
Pixsta for Pokki is a stylish desktop application designed to enable users to view Instagram feeds. In order to view the feeds, users need to own an Instagram account. After you sign in, you will be able to view all the feeds.
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