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PhotoRescue DemoPhotoRescue is a software tool which can be used in order to help you recover lost or deleted images from most media types present in digital cameras, including SD or CF cards. The installation process is a breeze, and upon completing it, you come face to face with an UI which is quite intuitive. This means that both novice and power users can work with it, without experiencing issues. This program enables you to recover erased pictures, as well as retrieve items from damaged or formatted memory cards. Aside from that, it is possible to test the card in a read-only or read/write mode and back up the data present on it. There are two types of recovery. The first one is called “Quick recovery” and it is suitable for quick scans, being able to process only recently deleted files. The second one, “Advanced recovery” can help you retrieve data from damaged memory cards and it will take longer than the previous. Regardless of the method you choose, you should know the system’s resources are going to be hampered, as the CPU and memory use is quite significant, yet this is actually to be expected with this type of utility. It might be a good idea not to open other apps, at least as long as the recovery process is running. Results are going to be displayed in the main window as thumbnails and only the ones you select will be copied in the custom output directory. All in all, PhotoRescue proves to be a useful piece of software, with a user-friendly interface, powerful recovery capabilities and good response time.
PhotoRescue is an efficient tool designed to assist you in the data recovery of digital photography. Whether you have erased your pictures, formatted your card by mistake or you have experienced a crash, PhotoRescue may be of help.
Here are some key features of “PhotoRescue”:
  • Works with all the types of media used in digital camera (SD Cards, CF Cards, Memory Sticks, etc…
  • Up-to-date RAW file recovery support: regularly updated, no need to buy a more expensive version for RAW file recovery.
  • Improved Movie recovery: we keep increasing the maximum movie recovery size.
  • No media size limits. No recovery limits. (recoveries are of course limited by your hardware)
  • No copy protection: no unfriendly scheme or intrusive activation mechanism.
  • Unregistered version does not allow users to save the recovered photos
What’s New
  • Added Hasselblad H4D support.
  • Bug fixes for 64 bits video headers

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