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Permissions Time Machine FreewarePermissions Time Machine is suited for users in need of a quick and easy to use application that can handle Windows permissions in a simple manner. With it, you can restore permissions to all existing users or alternatively, you can restrict access to all kinds of system resources. Nonetheless, in order to achieve this, administrative rights are required. Permissions Time Machine can tackle several areas of the computer, including partitions, folders, files, services and printers for both local and remote machines, as well as system processes, registry keys and WMI objects. As opposed to the traditional method of managing permissions, this application relies on a user-oriented principle that takes very little time to understand and is just as efficient. The intuitive interface is divided into several tabs, each one corresponding to a certain area of the computer. Thus, everything is organized in a witty manner, allowing users to deal with each section individually. Permissions Time Machine enables users to assign permissions to a single user or to a group of users, as well as to build specifications for multiple accounts. The latter is possible via the ‘Merge’ feature, which needs to be kept enabled when distributing permission to more than one users or groups. The disadvantage is that you cannot make the assignments at a time; instead, you are required to perform the operation each time for a new user, which could be greatly simplified if you had the chance to check all of the accounts at a time. On the upside, the modifications take very little time and can be undone at any time in a few clicks. Also, the details are logged and can be saved locally for later reference. Overall, we were quite impressed with Permissions Time Machine. It is a real time saver and reduces the efforts you’d be putting into changing permissions in the traditional manner to just a few clicks. However, there’s still room for improvement.
Permissions Time Machine is a handy and reliable program that can manipulate permissions in Windows. This tool was designed to: · Fix Windows Permissions · Remove “Access Is Denied” Error Message · Restore All Access Permissions To : partitions, folders (Local/Remote Share), files(Local/Remote Share), registry keys, Windows services (Local/Remote Share), Windows printers (Local/Remote Share), system processes and WMI objects
What’s New 
  • Improve Reset Permissions For Folders.
  • Improve Reset Permissions For Files.
  • Improve Reset Permissions For WMI Objects .
  • Improve Reset Permissions For Registry Keys .
  • Improve Reset Permissions For Windows Services .
  • Add: Merge Mode (Merge Mode Enable You to Edit Permissions For Exists Users Or Add More Users And Groups With Different Permissions To Users List Who Can Access This Object)
  • Add: Button To Discover User and Groups Access This Object
  • Add: Restore Permissions For All Windows Services.
  • Add: Restore Permissions For All Windows Printers.
  • Support Windows 8.1
  • Fix all Know Bugs In The Previous Version.

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