PDF-ShellTools 2.2 Trial

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PDF-ShellTools 2.2 Trial

This application will show/edit pdf documents metatags from Windows Shell

The PDF-ShellTools provides you an extended possibility of working with PDF documents by helping you acces Windows Shell tools. PDF-ShellTools are Windows shell extensions to interact with pdf files directly from the Windows shell. This way we can do some interesting things to our pdf documents without the need to open them in Acrobat or another desktop pdf application. Right now, group these tools: PDF-InfoTip – Quickly display pdf files information in tooltips (the yellow balloons that pop up over a file) of your Windows Explorer, open and save dialogs and all other windows that use Windows shell each time you browse folder content. PDF-InfoEdit-Is a property sheet shell extension for rapid consultation and edition of pdf metadata info fields. A shell file property sheet is a window that allows the user to view and edit the properties of a file. User sees them when he/she selects the Properties item of the file context menu, so three clicks from the pdf file in Explorershows the pdf document information that you can change for your needs; PDF-Anonymizer-As the name indicate the anonymizer is used to clear all the metadata information pdf documents have. This way no one can trace back and know what tool was used to make the document, or document component, in what date, or whatever critical information may be present inside the guts of the pdf file.
  • 30 days trial
What’s New 
  • Document JavaScripts tool, to add, delete and edit PDF JavaScript actions to events such as: document open and close events, page show or hide events, mouse events on page elements or interactive form fields validate, format or calculate events. It includes command line interface.
  • The stamp/watermark tool has now a new type of stamp object. Named multimedia is used to add Flash SWF animations, MP3 audio, Flash FLV’s and H.264 video. Useful to add animated logos, audio and video content. The content can be embedded or remotely accessed (e.g. YouTube videos). Supports the creation of play lists for audio and video content. Supports JavaScript event actions.
  • The rotate tool is not limited to rotation angles of 90-degrees increments anymore. Any angle is now suitable, adding deskew possibilities to the tool.
  • Possibility to dynamically specify the bookmark names added to the merge/rearrange and insert/append tools, with access to document metadata, numbering and script functions.
  • The atta…

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