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PDF Impress 2014.41.08.132 TrialPDF Impress is an intuitive application that provides rich settings for creating PDF files from numerous formats, such as DWG, BMP, PPTX, XLS, HTM and CSV. It sports other handy tools as well, such as applying watermarks and inserting pages. The main application window takes a cue from Windows 8 and implements the flat look with easily accessible buttons. You can use the Explorer-based folder structure to quickly locate files for processing. Batch mode is available, so you can convert multiple items at a time. Once the task is done, you might be interested in adding text watermarks, image stamps and file attachments, inserting, rotating, removing or extracting pages, as well as editing document information (title, author, subject, keywords). These operations are carried out in a separate window while previewing modifications. Additionally, you can alter the page display, layout and zoom level, optimize PDFs to prepare them for website publishing (e.g. compress page content, remove all JavaScript, remove annotations), encrypt the documents with a password and set permissions (e.g. allow printing and editing), as well as add a digital signature. It is possible to create, manage and edit existing profiles (e.g. high quality print, smallest file size, confidential, archive), organize tasks into “watchers”, customize the background theme, enable debug logs, as well as assign a profile to the quick conversion method (the most used one). The application has a fair response time and finishes a job rapidly, delivering quality documents. It uses a pretty high amount of RAM to do so, while maintaining the CPU level low. Several errors popped up throughout our tests, every time we attempted to use the extra tools for files before conversion (whether they were PDFs or otherwise). All in all, PDF Impress is a comprehensive software utility for converting and processing PDF documents, putting rich features at user’s disposal.
PDF Impress is a professional application designed to create, convert and process PDF documents with the utmost ease. PDF Impress is able to perform a wide array of PDF operations, such as watermarking, extracting or insert pages, encrypting, digital signatures, optimization, conversion to various image formats, etc. PDF Impress features a Windows 8 style user interface and bundles a SMTP Client for email sending.
Here are some key features of “PDF Impress”:
  • Create fully compatible Adobe PDF files
  • PDF Impress creates Adobe PDF compatible documents that are viewable with the FREE Adobe Reader Documents look exactly as you intended and can be viewed on a broad range of systems
  • Supports the 19005-1 PDF/A archive standard
  • The PDF/A standard ensures that PDF files created today will be usable for years to come Create files that are compliant with the new public specification from the International Standards Organization
  • Drag & drop multiple files into PDF
  • Simply drag & drop any file(s) into PDF conversion profile or on the shortcut created on the desktop and PDF Impress will batch convert it on the back end and save to the pre-defined folder or open Save as dialog
  • Access, Manipulate and Convert Documents in a Workroom
  • This file explorer with an integrated PDF conversion manager with a quick access to digital signing is all what you need to keep your file organized, accessible and easily converted into PDF whenever you need
  • Profile support and built-in profiles
  • Easily control how you create Adobe PDF files The included built-in profiles provide one-click access to create Standard, High Quality Print, Smallest File Size, Confidential, Archive or User Defined PDF output
  • Client MSI installation with custom profiles
  • Control how your users will create PDF files in your organization Create custom MSI install with pre-setup default settings with PDF conversion profiles and output folder / file name
  • Manipulate PDF document on fly with PDF Tools
  • Use built-in or standalone PDF Tools to preview, print, merge, split, extract, insert, remove, rotate pages, add attachments, watermarks, stamps and digital signature, optimize and setup PDF layout
  • Enhance document with multiple stamps or watermarks
  • Use the Stamp task to brand your documents by inserting an image(s) of a stamp, signature, company logo or webcam shots Easily classify documents with a text watermark (eg ‘Draft’, ‘Classified’, etc)
  • Sign PDF documents with a Digital Signature
  • Sign electronic documents using a digital signature to verify your identity and provide document tamper-resistance Integration with the Windows Certificate Store provides one-click access to your digital signatures
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 250 MB for installation
  • 30 days trial
What’s New 
  • Access, Manipulate and Convert Documents in a Workroom:
  • Designed with the familiar File Explorer user interface and functionality, it provides easy way to access, organize and batch convert documents.
  • PDF Impress Workroom allows quick one click conversion or a conversion with profile allowing users to define the conversion process on a fly. Users can apply any task directly to a group of documents and digital signing is just a click away.
  • Manipulate PDF documents with a PDF Impress Tools:
  • Standalone PDF Impress Tools will not only replace Adobe Reader by previewing and printing the content of the PDF files, but it also allows adding watermarks, stamps, attachments, document information (metadata), security (encryption and permissions) and digital signature. Users can insert, remove, rotate and extract pages, optimize PDF and setup page layout.
  • PDF documents can also be exported to JPEG, TIFF, PNG or HTML5. PDF Impress Tools can be opened as your default PDF reader or it can sta…

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