PC Guard for Win32 06.00.0090 Demo

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PC Guard for Win32 06.00.0090 Demo

A feature packed tool that enables you to protect an unlimited number of your applications by creating restrictive demo versions of them

PC Guard for Win32 is a reliable application designed to help you add licensing and protection to .NET framework and Windows applications. Using this tool you can easily accomplish almost any protection scenario: demo (number of days, period, number of runs, timer), demo extension, activation, permanent license, limited license (number of days, period, number of runs), license extension, license removal, license transfer, password protection, serial numbers, IP filtering, custom features, custom counters, custom dialogs, USB drive (Flash/HD) locking and network licensing. 
Here are some key features of “PC Guard for Win32”:
  • Advanced software copy protection:
  • Protect software from illegal copying from one computer to another.
  • Simple and effective protection procedure:
  • No need for additional programming. Source code editing is not required.
  • Application encryption:
  • Protect software from reverse engineering and analyzing.
  • 4 protection methods (REMOTE, NETWORK, USB, PLAIN):
  • Choose protection method accordingly to your specific needs.
  • Application password protection:
  • Protect access to application with password.
  • Evaluation (trial) version feature:
  • Easily create demo version of software with execution, date, fixed date and timer limitations.
  • Serial numbers feature:
  • Mark each copy of your software with unique serial number.
  • Flexible machine locking:
  • Lock software to target computer. Seven locking parameters are available: HD volume ID, Bios ID, OS ID, CPU ID, Network card ID, HD hardware ID and CD/DVD hardware ID.
  • USB drive (Flash/HD) locking Lock your software to USB drive (Flash or HD):
  • Protected application can be used only in case valid USB drive is attached to computer.
  • Secure distribution:
  • Securely distribute your software over the Internet or on any distribution media CD/DVD/floppy.
  • Secure and simple license management:
  • Enable licenses by phone, fax or e-mail.
  • Using the demo version, the following limitations are imposed:
  • · DLL files are not supported (Win32/Win64 demo only)
  • · Remove license, license transfer, limited license and license extension features are not available.
  • · USB protection is not available.
  • · Runtime encryption feature is not available.
  • · Protection interface feature is not available.
  • · Protected file sometimes displays a warning message and quits.
  • · Protected file can be executed for 20 times only.
  • · Demo mode is not available when combined with Remote protection method.
  • · Loading and saving of project settings is not available (Win32/Win64 demo only)
  • · Machine ID feature is disabled.
  • · Parameters file for AC Generator can not be generated.
  • · Code section encryption is always set.
  • · Full featured version contains additional protection code for better security.
  • · Generated serial numbers are random serial numbers generated for demonstration purpose only.
  • · Merge Site/MID codes into single code’ option is ignored.
What’s New
  • What’s new in this update:
  • Activation dialog: custom buttons:
  • all macros for action strings are now available in drop-down list control for easier implementation.
  • action string length has been increased from 300 to 600 characters.
  • new action string macro: %LICSTATUS%
  • This macro will return current license status string value as displayed on activation dialog. This can be one of the following language messages: LNG_RPDB_STATUS_UNLOCKED , LNG_RPDB_STATUS_UNLOCKED_DEMO, LNG_RPDB_STATUS_LOCKED, LNG_RPDB_STATUS_LOCKED_DEMO
  • Activation dialog was displayed even when special key was not toggled (remote + demo + display counter + special key pop-up).
  • Protection interface : ApplicationStatus was set to 0 (instead of 1) in case of network protection method.
  • Server configuration file report filename was always set to default SERVER.DAT.LOG filename.
  • Few other minor bug fixes.

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