Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.3.0 – 2.9.0 Beta Freeware

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Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.3.0 - 2.9.0 Beta FreewareLightweight antivirus programs that have very good detection rates and do not clog the system they’re supposed to defend used to be a rare sight not so long ago. Nowadays, cloud-based solutions are to be easily identified in this software category and among the best there’s Panda Cloud Antivirus Free. Thanks to its innovative Collective Intelligence feature, this antivirus is capable of scanning the computer while remaining incredibly light on hardware resources, not to mention that its detection rate is now significantly better. The interface is quite pleasant and eye candy, with all the functions quite at hand. You can easily start a scan, view reports concerning your previous scans, tinker with its settings. All these are within a single click from the main window. What really impressed us during our testing was the way Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition managed to flirt with computer resources because it was still running in the System Tray without hampering the CPU and the RAM at all. Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition protects your data against multiple types of malware, so you will be fully secure when it comes to viruses, Trojan horses, adware, spyware and any similar threats. Another great thing is that it offers you a feature for ‘Autorun & USB Vaccination’ that will prevent external drives to run automatically when connected. As our tests confirmed it, the detection rate is very good, but sometimes this works against it because some perfectly legitimate applications can be blocked by Panda Cloud Antivirus. This is due to the behavioral analysis that deems processes safe or unsafe. To prevent any similar problems it’s advisable to place those kind of apps on the exclusions list. All in all, Panda Cloud Antivirus Free Edition is a very good product that works amazingly fast, it’s efficient
Panda Cloud Antivirus is the first free cloud-based antivirus. This fast and light solution connects in real time to PandaLabs’ Collective Intelligence servers, protecting your computer from the latest malware variants. Thanks to the Collective Intelligence knowledge base, this antivirus detects more malware than other traditional solutions. It is light, secure, and easy-to-use. Panda Cloud Antivirus will protect you while you browse, play or even work and you won’t even notice it running on your computer. Thanks to its cloud-based scanning you’ll have maximum rapid protection against even the very latest viruses. Just install and forget Panda Cloud Antivirus and you won’t have to worry about updates, as all the work is performed in the cloud. It applies non-intrusive intervention techniques and can detect even the very latest unknown viruses. Panda Cloud Antivirus includes behavioral blocking to prevent viruses from launching suspicious actions. It also offers a PC Vaccine feature to protect you from USB drives running automatically when they connect to your computer. It protects your identity and your passwords, and allows you to remove all traces of your Internet activity. Similarly, it lets you surf the Internet anonymously, thereby preventing your personal details, identity and movements from being visible to others. With this antivirus, Panda Security presents a new security model based on ultra light architecture to process and block malware more effectively and efficiently than traditional products which rely on locally installed signature files. Traditional antivirus products for PCs use a series of locally installed technologies, resulting in considerable use of memory and other computer resources, and consequently negatively affecting system performance. In short, this antivirus works for you. Simply… Evolution. NOTE: Firewall and intrusion prevention require a Pro license.
Here are some key features of “Panda Cloud Antivirus”:
  • The fastest in detecting new viruses:
  • Our network of Collective Intelligence servers identifies and processes viruses automatically in a fraction of the time required by laboratory technicians.
  • Designed with you in mind:
  • Now you can forget about tiresome antivirus products with incessant notifications and difficult questions. Panda Cloud Antivirus works for you without annoying you.
  • Updates are history:
  • The real key to Panda Cloud Antivirus is in the Collective Intelligence servers. That’s why you’ll always have maximum detection capacity without relying on traditional updates.
  • Detects more than anyone else:
  • The Panda servers have a database of millions of viruses allowing Panda Cloud Antivirus to detect the multitude of threats that appear every day.
What’s New 
  • Entirely new look & feel:
  • More modern, more intuitive. Easier than ever. Customize it to suit your needs. Play with it, add/remove modules… And let us know your opinion!
  • New Wi-Fi Monitor:
  • Find out if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi. The new Panda Cloud Antivirus 2.9 Beta incorporates a Wi-Fi monitor that shows a list of all devices that are currently connected to your network, helping you discover if there is an intruder on your Wi-Fi network.
  • Lighter and more secure than ever:
  • As you know, this is our obsession: to improve protection capabilities and product performance with every new version. This Beta version is not an exception. We are aware that we need to continue evolving Panda Cloud Antivirus to confirm the exceptional results obtained in the latest comparative tests and, most importantly, to keep your trust.
Users are advised to pay attention while installing this ad-supported application:
  • Offers to download or install software or components (such as browser toolbars) that the program does not require to fully function
  • Offers to change the homepage for web browsers installed in the system
  • Offers to change the default search engine for web browsers installed in the system

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