TuneCrack 1.02

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TuneCrack 1.02 TuneCrack 1.02

Although the career of a musician might seem to depend more on talent and other innate qualities, practice and education are also a must for any accomplished artist. Training one’s ears, in particular, is a necessity for any serious attempt at mastering the musical notes and TuneCrack is a program that allows its users to do just this.

PDF Nomad 2.4.2 Build 224 Free

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PDF Nomad 2.4.2 Build 224 Free PDF Nomad 2.4.2 Build 224 FreePDF Nomad is a carefully styled, modern PDF editor developed in the Mac OS X tradition. It features a multitude of ways to take your PDF documents from one place to the next, through an easy to use interface. PDF Nomad provides often used operations like merging multiple documents, as well as more exotic ones like exporting the document’s text as a spoken sound file. Export individual pages as bitmaps (jpg, png etc.) or create spoken audio files from the document’s text. Split documents into even/odd pages, or explode documents into single page PDFs. Merge pages side by side or on top of each other. Split pages in half or tile them to print them onto multiple pages to be assembled into posters. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS
    • 64-bit processor
  • The output files have a “PDF Nomad Demo” watermark.
  • Each page has a diagonal line traced.
  • Resize, merge, delete, reorder, split and tile pages.
  • Merge, interleave and overlay PDF documents.
  • Split and explode documents.
  • Export pages as bitmap files or text as an audio file.
  • Create and fill out PDF forms.
  • Markup text and annotate pages.
  • Create books and magazines.
  • Create and edit outlines (including batch edits and automatic creation from table of contents.
  • Add page labels.
  • Shift page contents
  • Add finishing and proofing marks.
  • Link index table and cross-document references to their corresponding pages.

Font Picker 1.45 Trial

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Font Picker 1.45 Trial Font Picker 1.45 Trial

Whether you are a web developer or graphic designer, choosing the right font for various projects is usually a vital step in the creative process. However, other than opening a text editor and manually cycling through every font installed on your Mac, there is no easy way to perform this task.

Font Picker is a simple app that seeks to provide a solution to this issue, as it makes it possible for you to view numerous fonts at the same time, using custom text, and then narrow down your list of choices until you are left with the ideal one.

Alphabet shortcut keys for simple font navigation

Unless you are fine with searching through hundreds of fonts manually, you should be pleased to discover that Font Picker displays a list of shortcuts in an additional panel.

These make it possible to select a particular font quickly, as you can view only the ones that begin with a certain letter.

Numerous fonts in multiple columns, helping you perform comparisons

Seeing as how Font Picker’s primary function is to facilitate font selection, you can take advantage of its several display modes to simplify this task.

The app can list fonts in one or more columns, based on user-defined settings. Viewing three columns at the same time, for example, can significantly reduce the time it takes to locate the ideal design.

Save or print font lists, export them to PDF files or paste text in other applications

Should you need to preserve your customized list of fonts for later use, you can save it to a project file and load it again at a later date.

Additionally, they can be printed, exported to a PDF file or inserted into applications that offer support for rich text.

Lacks customization of font size, text and background color

Given Font Picker’s intended purpose, being able to customize font and background colors while previewing the fonts can be very important for graphic designers. Unfortunately, the fact that this function is not included reduces the app’s usefulness.

In conclusion, Font Picker can be a very useful utility for graphic designers, as it enables you to quickly see how a text looks when written using multiple fonts and to select the best one for a particular project.



Lantern Free

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Lantern Free Lantern Free

Developed by a team lead by Adam Fisk, which contributed to the LimeWire and LittleShoot projects, the Lantern application aims at providing unrestricted access to any website, regardless of your geographical location.

Note that, to make sure all your traffic is directed through the Lantern proxy network (Lantern must be active, of course), the app will also try to install add-ons that will make sure the browser is always using the system proxy.

Karabiner 10.9.0 Free

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Karabiner 10.9.0 Free Karabiner 10.9.0 Free

Remapping keyboard keys is a common practice, especially if you need to write text in various languages that are using special characters, or if you want to create personalized keyboard shortcuts.

Unobtrusive key remapping solution that works in the background

Karabiner is a minimalist Mac OS X application that resides in your status bar and enables you to extensively customize the key’s effect. Note that you must start by adding the app to the list of utilities that can control you Mac (open the System Preferences window and navigate to the Security&Privacy tab).

The Karabiner status bar menu application enables you to quickly access the Preferences window where you can establish the remapping rules, or the EventViewer window designed to help you check if certain settings are effective in specific applications.

Effortlessly remap your keyboard behavior and adjust the key repeat delay

For your convenience, Karabiner comes with a collection of predefined functions that can adjust the behavior of your keyboard without requiring any configuration: simply open the Preferences window and, in the Change Key panel, enable the modification you want to make by checking the attached box.

Noteworthy is that Karabiner allows you to define multiple profiles, and that you can quickly switch between them via the app’s status bar. You may even create activation keyboard shortcuts for each profile.

Uncomplicated solution for remapping your keyboard and adjusting its behavior to match your own needs

Karabiner enables you to remap your keyboard by applying various predefined settings, but also offers you the possibility to make your own settings, by manually editing the private.xml document.

The application includes tools for adjusting the key repeat interval for each function, and comes with an EventViewer that can help you verify if the settings work properly. Moreover, Karabiner offers support for using multiple profiles.


    • 64-bit processor


  • Emacs Mode: You can do Emacs-style operations anywhere.
  • Simultaneous Vi Mode: You can do Vi-style operations anywhere.
  • Mouse Keys Mode: You can do Mouse-operations from keyboard.

Runway 1.4 Build 400 Demo

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Runway 1.4 Build 400 Demo Runway 1.4 Build 400 Demo

Designed mainly for programmers and web designers , Runway is a smooth-running and user-friendly OS X diagramming and vector design tool. This said, the application is recommended for developing flowcharts, creating wireframes and for model relationships visualization.

Intuitive and user-orientated UML design utility

The first thing you’ll probably notice once you start up Runway is how easy it is to work with. Everything feels right at home on OS X and is exactly where it should be, no surprise then that dragging and dropping elements from one place to another is accompanied by smooth and natural transitions.

What’s more, because Runway has support for “connected” lines and for “smart” paths, you will find that connecting shapes and elements for your diagrams will be a very easy task. The lines will automatically snap to other shapes and adjust themselves according to the position of the element.

Comes with a large collection of UML design tools, without being intimidating

Noteworthy are Runway’s built-in Bezier Path tool that will help you effortlessly create vector graphics, its support for OS X features like QuickLook, Full-Screen mode, Autosave, and Version Browsing. What’s more Runway makes it possible for you to export your compositions to common image formats like PNG, JPEG, TIFF or multiple-page PDF.

Needless to say that you have full control over every element of your projects and by right clicking them you can copy, cut, duplicate, copy their style, bring to front, send to back, hide, lock, edit text, or insert image just to name a few.

Design flowcharts on your Mac with the help of this simple yet powerful app

Taking all things into consideration, if you are looking for a comprehensive diagramming and vector design tool that isn’t very complicated and bundles an OS X native user-interface, than Runway is a very good choice, and you should give it a try.


    • 64-bit processor


  • The demo version has the save and export disabled