AdRem NetCrunch

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AdRem NetCrunch AdRem NetCrunch

AdRem NetCrunch is an advanced networking solution which comes packed with tools dedicated to network mapping, networking, alerting and reporting. It caters to power PC users, such as network administrators looking to better oversee and organize the network infrastructure.

Pad2Pad 1.9.106 Build 4378

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Pad2Pad 1.9.106 Build 4378 Pad2Pad 1.9.106 Build 4378

Pad2Pad is a straightforward application meant to help you design simple and complex printed circuit boards which can then be created and delivered to you.

The application is very easy to install and use. It displays a comprehensive interface that is clean and neatly organized. You have all the commonly used tools and instruments available in side panels which you can detach and place anywhere you want on the screen. It’s a feature that you find on similar applications as well but it’s good to have it here as well because it contributes to a good workflow.

Phoner Portable 3.1

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Phoner Portable 3.1 Phoner Portable 3.1

Phoner Portable is a software utility designed in order to help people make phone calls to VOIP applications, landlines and cell phones.

This is the portable counterpart of Phoner, meaning that installation is not a prerequisite. As a consequence, the Windows registry and Start menu/screen are not going to be affected in any way and there will be no leftover files upon its removal.

In addition to that, you can use Phoner Portable on any computer you have access to, by placing the program files to a portable storage unit, such as a USB flash drive, and click the executable.

This software tool supports VOIP/SIP, CAPI and TAPI modes and you can connect to a subscriber line as a SIP client. It is important to keep in mind that outgoing calls are going to be charged as if you were using your normal phone.

The simple interface sports microphone and speakers volume bars, dial buttons, several shortcut buttons and a menu bar. This enables any type of person to use it, regardless of his or her previous experience with computers.

It is possible to divert a phone call to another number, or you can easily set up an answering machine to pick up after a user-input number of seconds. Aside from that, you can select the output folder, save format (PCM, MP3 and ADPCM), maximum recording length, enable loud playback while recording, notify all calls with CallerID and when recording is available and the list goes on.

To conclude, Phoner Portable is a useful piece of software for people who still have a phone line and want to connect it to their computer. However, the interface could use a little bit more work.


    • ISDN-Adapter with CAPI 2.0 (32 Bit)
    • at least AMD/Pentium 100 MHz
    • 32 MB RAM and more
    • Fullduplex capable soundcard (16 Bit)
    • Microfon and speakers (better: headset)


  • Display of caller ID
  • Phone book (assignment caller ID to name)
  • Import of Outlook contacts
  • Individual announcements in answering mashine (per caller, called number)
  • Individual ring tones (per caller)
  • Drag&drop handling
  • Log book
  • Answering mashine with remote enquiry
  • Incoming calls: identifiy, accept, reject or ignore
  • Sending of SMS to mobile phones
  • Sending emails with built-in SMTP client
  • Recording of actual call
  • ISDN supplementary services (id supported by CAPI)
  • Multiple calls (HOLD)
  • Terminal portability (TP)
  • Call transfer (ECT)
  • 3 party conference (3PTY)
  • Call diversion (FORWARD)
  • Call deflection (CD)
  • Call completion (CCBS and CCNR)
  • Message Waiting Indication (MWI)
  • EarlyB3Connect (tones from trunk line)
  • Keypad
  • D-channel monitoring (AVM equipment only)
  • Network support due to integrated web server
  • TTS (Text-To-Speech) as SMS alternative
  • Built-in COM-Server for 3rd party control
  • Line Interconnect (Transfer over 2nd B-channel)
  • VoIP support for SIP connections
  • Supported codecs: G.711 (A-Law and u-Law), GSM, iLBC and Speex
  • STUN support for NAT/firewalls
  • Search using ENUM
  • SRTP

CutLog 4.90.26085

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CutLog 4.90.26085 CutLog 4.90.26085

CutLog is a professional software application designed specifically for helping you manage your sawmill business. It comes with support for features that allow you to increase profit and utilization of wood, calculate the optimum sawing for a given diameter, and optimize costs.

Promo SMS Sender 3.0

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Promo SMS Sender 3.0 Promo SMS Sender 3.0

Promo SMS Sender is a software tool which provides a simple means of sending messages to a large group of people, through a connected GSM modem or phone.

Clear-cut interface

The installation process only lasts a few seconds, as it does not offer to download or add products that are not actually necessary for the program to function properly. When you are done with it, you come face to face with a simple and intuitive interface. It is comprised of a menu bar, a few buttons and panes, and multiple tabs, thus allowing for a quick access to all available options.

It becomes quite clear that both power and novice users can learn how to find their way around it, without experiencing any kind of issues.

Import contacts and manage them

This software utility enables you to manually add contacts, along with details that you might deem useful, such as name gender, birthday and city, or you can import data from CSV and TXT files with just a click of the button. Aside from that, you can organize all of them into groups, so that you can target your information in a more efficient manner.

Write SMSs, schedule tasks and configure settings

It supports both UCS2 and 7 bit encoding, while the total number of characters a message can incorporate are 160 or 70, depending on the type of encoding used. You can also cut, copy, paste and delete elements, undo and redo actions, as well as schedule tasks and close the program or shutdown the computer when they are done.

From the settings panel you can change the date and time format, specify validity period for SMS and enable a pause after each SMS. The program’s skin can also be changed and another language can be chosen from the built-in list.

Bottom line

In conclusion, Promo SMS Sender is a pretty efficient piece of software, dedicated to people that want to create SMS marketing campaigns. The interface is accessible to all users, the CPU and memory usage is minimal and there are sufficient options to keep you busy for quite a while.


    • GSM modem
    • GSM phone


  • 30 days trial
  • Reminder (nag-screen) at program start
  • 50 SMS limit (per session)
  • Can be used only for non-commercial evaluation purposes

Logiccode GSM SMS Client

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Logiccode GSM SMS Client Logiccode GSM SMS Client

Logiccode GSM SMS Client is an efficient and easy to use application designed to help you send bulk messages by using a cell phone connected to your computer.

Intuitive interface

The program’s layout is neatly organized to allow you to quickly access its functions.

The menus and sections are similar to a mobile phone layout, granting you access to the address book, sent messages, inbox or to the message composer.

Easily connect your mobile device to a PC

Logiccode GSM SMS Client allows you to configure your modem and ports in order to be able to connect your mobile phone to the computer.

Although it may be an advanced process, with a multitude of technical settings, once it is done, sending messages directly from your computer will never be easier.

Sending bulk messages

With Logiccode GSM SMS Client, you can send bulk messages to multiple contacts at once, by selecting them from the address book.

Another useful feature is the ability to send scheduled SMS to single or groups of contacts.

You can create multiple instances of scheduled messages, set to be sent once, daily, weekly or monthly, and you are also allowed to set the exact date and hour.

In order to send messages to multiple contacts, Logiccode GSM SMS Client makes the process much easier by allowing you to create groups of recipients.

This way, you do not have to select a multitude of contacts from the address book, but instead, you can send your message to a group of contacts.

Preset messages

Be it a scheduled message or the auto-reply response, you can compose preset SMS to be delivered at the specified time, making the program act like a virtual secretary.

Sometimes, due to technical adversities, messages are not sent, but the application saves all the undelivered SMS to a dedicated folder, allowing you to easily resend them later.

Easily send and receive messages

To conclude, Logiccode GSM SMS Client proves to be an efficient solution for quickly sending bulk SMS to multiple contacts, by connecting your mobile device to the computer. The intuitiveness of the program’s interface and functions make Logiccode GSM SMS Client a useful and reliable application for reading, composing and sending text messages.


    • 600 MHz Pentium processor or equivalent (Minimum), Pentium IV (1 GHZ & above) or equivalent Recommended
    • Minimum 512 MB
    • 800 x 600, 256 colors (Minimum); 1024 x 768 high color, 32-bit (Recommended)
    • .NET FRAMEWORK 2.0
    • Up to 10 MB of available space may be required
    • GSM modem/phone and datacable/ bluetooth dongle/infrared dongle
    • One free serial port on Computer


  • Adds advertisement text ‘’ to all messages sent using Logiccode GSM SMS Client
  • Allows reading the text of only the first five SMS from Inbox memory.
  • Can be used only for non commercial evaluation purposes


  • Supports any ETSI GSM 07.05/07.07 compatible GSM modems such as Wavecom, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola etc and mobile phones having a modem and that supports AT commands such as Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung etc.
  • Very High Speed in sending of messages (10-12 SMS per minute depending upon various factors like network GSM modem speed, network congestion, network speed etc).
  • Supports several communication modes such as Serial Port, Bluetooth and Infrared.
  • Allows Importing of Contacts via CSV File.
  • Allows creation of Groups of contacts. SMS can be sent to a Contact or a Group.
  • Supports SMS forwarding, resending of failed messages.
  • Provides history of Sent, UnSent and Failed messages.
  • Reading and setting of GSM modem/phone parameters such as Battery Level, Signal strength etc.
  • Supports regular text messages i.e. 160 character length messages with 7-bit character (default GSM alphabet) encoding
  • Supports text messages with 8-bit ANSI encoding (140 character messages)
  • Supports Unicode (16-bit UCS2) text messages (70 character messages) in international languages like Hindi, Chinese, German, French etc.
  • Supports concatenated text messages.
  • Supports sending flash (alert) messages that are immediately displayed on destination phone screen.
  • Delivery reports of SMS sent (not supported in some GSM phones/modems).
  • Supports sending of SMS in local (national) as well as international numbering format.
  • Can specify validity period of the text message.
  • Allows setting of time interval between two consecutive short messages to avoid SMS delivery failure during network congestion.
  • Allows setting of number of retries in case SMS delivery failure occurs when sending text message in first attempt.
  • Suitable for mobile messaging applications like sending product updates to customers, exam and admission results to students, sending commercial ringtones url, sending pictures url, stock and weather updates etc