PACE Suite 3.0.0 Trial

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PACE Suite 3.0.0 Trial

Sequence or directly edit App-V packages of any complexity smoothly, bring installation packages authoring and modifying to a new level of comfort and repack original software installations to MSI packages

PACE Suite is a complete and comprehensive bundle of applications and comes in handy when you want to to edit existing MSI packages, create tutorials and “how-to” documentations that include screenshot, or simply edit App-V packages such as SFT, OSD or SPRJ files. PACE Suite is composed of four applications namely MSI GeneratorMSI EditorApp-V Generator and Docu Generator. Each of them helps you to speed up your application packaging. Therefore, MSI Generator is not only a packaging software, but a handy and reliable system snap-shooting utility that allows you to create system snapshots and compare them. By using MSI Editor, you have the possibility to maintain and organize the complete history of operations and revert any number of actions. With the help of Docu Generator you are able to record your desktop activity in order to create documentations. The last, but not the least, App-V Generator comes in handy for users who want to edit App-V packages such as SFT, OSD or SPRJ files.
  • App-V Generator:
  • 30 days trial period
  • The “Properties Inspector” option performs searches only by exact match
  • The “Action pool” option works only in read mode
  • The “Import folder” option is blocked
  • The “Import/Extract files” option works only for five files per package
  • The “Import/Export to .REG” option works only for five registry values per package
  • Nag screen
  • MSI Generator: 30 days trial period
  • Not more than 250 files and 1000 registry entries included in the package.
  • Not more than 3 shortcuts included in the MSI package.
  • Nag screen
  • Docu Generator:
  • You can only save 4 screenshots
  • MSI Editor:
  • 30 days trial period

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