oXygen XML Author 15.1 Build 2013100313 Trial

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oXygen XML Author 15.1 Build 2013100313 Trial

Author and edit XML files

Oxygen XML Author is an easy-to-use XML editor that supports DITA, DocBook, TEI, XHTML. The program comes with all the structured documents authoring and publishing features that you need. Create and edit lists, tables and mark up content, validate schema files and convert XML to HTML or PDF documents! The clean interface, together with the powerful editing tools (spell checking, validation, search and replace, XPath execution etc.) are features that recommend Oxygen XML Author as a great software solution for your authoring and publishing needs. Note: In order to use this application, you have to request a trial key.
  • Intel Pentium III class CPU
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 300 MB of free disk space
  • 30 days trial
What’s New 
  • XML Master Files – Working with Modular XML Files:
  • helps you edit XML modules referred using XInclude or External Entities. By setting the XML Master File, provides a context to solve issues like module validation, editing using the content completion assistant, ID referencing or XML module connection overview (understanding how modules are connected with each other).
  • XML Module Validation:
  • When you validate an XML document, automatically determines the master files which refer that module and validates the entire hierarchy of assembled modules. This is especially useful when, for example, a module refers IDs declared in another part of this hierarchy.
  • XML Module Editing:
  • The Content Completion Assistant uses the schema declarations from the master files and proposes only elements and attributes valid in a particular editing context.
  • Search/Refactor Support for ID/IDREFS:
  • The Master Files defined for the current module determines the scope of the search and refacto…

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