onCourse 4.1.3 Build 33428 Freeware

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onCourse 4.1.3 Build 33428 Freeware

A simple to use piece of software that you can use to manage important information

Track your students, courses and enrolments with onCourse, a comprehensive system from ish.onCourse. Your staff will be able to easily manage the most important information from across your organization: web site pages, students, enrolments, invoices, tutors and much more. Almost no training is needed to get your staff up and running with the new system. onCourse has been designed to work the way you do. Because onCourse automatically updates your web site as you make changes to course information, or fill places in your courses, your web site is always accurate and up to date. onCourse has been written for colleges with as few as several hundred enrolments per year. It scales easily to accommodate large colleges with thousands of enrolments per week. It is written with a focus on the Australian environment, however it will work in any country and with most sales tax systems. Because of onCourse’s core marketing qualities, it is more suited to colleges and schools providing short courses (that is, one year or less) and trying to sell those courses to the general public. It has features specific to running an RTO but it equally useful to colleges without accreditation.
What’s New 
  • Improve calculation of delivery site information, so all virtual sites report the head office/admin site as their training location
  • Remove possible duplicate entries in the NAT00020 file
  • Fix a display issue in the Financial Preferences window which prevents the first three choices from being selectable
  • Fix an issue where certificates that create a record in the NAT00130 file would sometimes not create a corresponding record in the NAT0030 file.

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