OddzBreaker 2.900 Trial

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OddzBreaker 2.900 Trial

Provides an enhanced trading interface for the betting exchange market

OddzBreaker is a useful program that provides you an optimized interface for the leading Betting Exchange, Betfair. With OddzBreaker you can increase your profit and improve your performance by placing bets or trading without any additional loading time. One click fast lightning betting and ‘green up’, side balance profits, built-in ladder system always visible on the screen, and multiple selections (so called dutch betting and fixed odd placing). OddzBreaker includes also an offset system to anticipate market, real-time charts market analysis, simulation mode (you can try a strategy without spend any money) and so many other features to discover. OddzBreaker offers special trade options that allow you to equalize profit on Betfair with ease and the maximum possible speed. Don’t lose your time and screen space with unnecessary information but concentrate only on strategy with an optimized view of all revealing information on your market. Each user can apply his own strategy in an effective way, or simply benefit from the great reactivity of OddzBreaker, which will give an unquestionable advantage compared to the other existing solutions.
Here are some key features of “OddzBreaker”:
  • Direct betting in just one click (simple and multiple).
  • Multiple betting (and Dutch betting)
  • Profit balancing (from 0% to 100% on traded selection).
  • Vertical and horizontal trading.
  • Multiple markets tab.
  • Australian markets and wallet transaction.
  • Asian handicap support.
  • Betting simplified with ladders.
  • Odds offset Management
  • Graphical visualization of market.
  • Proxy connexion.
  • Sounds according specific events.
  • Keyboard short cuts.
  • Live update.
  • Sorting selected item.
  • Simultation mode.
  • Internet traffic optimization.
  • Export/import market into Excel and interact with it.
  • 15 days trial
What’s New 
  • Ladders build-in. (up to 3 ladders/markets tab)
  • Multipe markets tab
  • Vertical and horizontal trading
  • Conditional bets
  • Asian handicap support
  • Mode beginner / Expert

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