OandK Print Watch Trial

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OandK Print Watch Trial

Optimize printing and measure your printer usage

O&K Print Watch is a powerful program that allows you to optimize and accurately measure the printer usage. You can create a company-wide printing chargeback plan that ensures that all users pay their fair share of the printing budget. The program enables you to set a different cost of a printed page for each printer and each paper size. You can restrict or pause printing documents from any user or users group. You can use quotas to limit printing for any object (printer, user or users group).   You can limit document printing by pages, cost or keywords used in the name of a document. Each print job can be saved to the database and viewed later as an image. You can create a wide array of reports. This application allows you to monitor the trinters and the MFP supplies. You can control and audit all your print-servers from any PC of your local network. You can use web-interface to view printers stats from browser. Here are some key features of “O&K Print Watch”: · Exact determination of number of the printed pages and copies, at printing on the printer from stations witn any operation systems at usage of following printer command language: PCL(version 3, 4, 5, 5E, 5C, 6 (XL)), POSTSCRIPT(level 2 and 3),ESC/PAGE, ESC/P(with Remote Mode Commands), ESC/P2, 9-Pin ESC/P, FX, Zj-Stream, CPCA, BJL Commands, BJ Raster Image Commands. · Exact determination printed copies of a document. · Print server remote control. · Set printing quotas and limit printing for any object. · Limit document printing by pages or cost. · Limit document printing with restricted keywords in the name. · Viewing images of printed jobs. · Web interface for reports viewing. · Forbid and pause printing from a user or user groups. · Store print jobs data in Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle and possibility of creation your own report. · The convenient gear of formation and review of the reports. · Print charging system allowing different costs for each printer. · Capability of flexible deleting of the stored information about the printed jobs. · Administration of the print queue. · Support for Active Directory users/groups. · Using monitor of printing in Windows Service. · Export reports to HTML format and XML. · Unicode support. · Reports e-mailing. Requirements: · 384 MB minimum, 512 MB or more recommended. · 512 MHz and higher · Any printer supporting the following drivers: PCL (version 3, 4, 5, 5E, 5C, 6(XL), HP-GL/2, POSTSCRIPT (level 2 and 3), ESC/Page, ESC/P(with Remote Mode Commands), ESC/P2, 9-Pin ESC/P, FX, Zj-Stream, CPCA, BJL, ZIMF. · MS SQL Server 2005 Express Limitations: · 15 day trial · You can monitor only ONE printer during the trial period. What’s New  · Fixed printed jobs rendering errors for some PCL XL printers. E.g. HP Laser Jet 5200. · Fixed printed jobs rendering errors for some PCL5 wide-printers. E.g. HP DesignJet T610. · Fixed some errors.

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