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nPiano 1.9.7 DemonPiano is created to help you improve your piano playing technique by practicing on your keyboard to songs that are played by the application. It displays a more than comprehensive interface which enables you to quickly access all its features and get on your way with practicing. The first thing you need to do before you can start using nPiano, is to configure your MIDI devices for both input and output. With the MIDI devices activated, you can then proceed to load a song from the library and start playing. From there you are able to view the number of notes per channel, choose the instrument that plays the notes on a selected channel, set the volume for a channel and play the MIDI file with the current settings. The application is also capable of displaying the piano and piano roll in 2D and 3D modes. 2D is mostly for beginners while the 3D mode provides you with note positioning on the piano staff. You can also choose to show notes names above the keys, the application being capable of displaying them in Sharp and all Flats formats. While a song is being played, the application extracts tempo and key information and displays if for you. Adjusting the speed at which the song is being played is also possible, as well as choosing to see the notes being played only the the right or left hand. nPiano enables you to adjust the split keys for either of the hands. Drawing notes inside the piano roll is also possible in nPiano and you can also include their duration. You can very well select a portion of the song and and have it loop so you can practice it separately. In closing, thanks to it’s user-friendly interface and well structured features, nPiano is definitely a practical tool for those who want to improve their piano playing capabilities.
nPiano is created with the aim to enable everyone to play the keyboards successfully in a fun and easy way. In order to learn how to play your favourite tunes on the keyboard you don’t need any musical knowledge just basic computing knowledge and good will. nPiano uses exclusively MIDI files and thousands of them can be found and downloaded free on the Internet.
  • Using the unregistered version, you only get a few MIDI files that you can use.

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