N-Button Lite Trial

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N-Button Lite Trial

Standalone complex application that allows you to create widgets to control external devices, run applications, send data lists or HTTP requests

N-Button Lite is an advanced piece of software that allows you to create up to 16 customizable widgets that will float on your screen for easy access. You can always toggle their view mode. The widgets allow you to easily access and control external devices, send HTTP requests, send data lists or specific data. The software supports network connection between the devices and the PC, and also supports Serial Port and USB connection. You can quickly create five types of widgets, like Relay Button, Relay Status, A/D Meter, Label or a Customized Button, without advanced knowledge about the operation. If you want to create a virtual key fob or a Christmas widget, you can download the N-Button configure file and load it in N-Button Manager. N-Button Lite allows you to remotely control your widgets, through Internet browsers. You can even access and control the widgets from your phone, tablet or laptop, and without any programming, you can administer your devices. N-Button Lite supports action lists which you can create and customize, timer actions, condition actions and automation, allowing you to control you devices according to different rules and conditions. Automation actions follow  five rules and criteria, like Contact Closure, A/D Input, Time Point, Condition and Schedule, making N-Button Lite a reliable and complex application for remote control and automation.
  • 30 days trial
  • Nag screen

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