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MyBusinessCatalog Free FreewareMyBusinessCatalog Free is a software application built specifically for helping you design electronic catalogs and burn them to a CD, DVD or flash card. The user interface is not clean and seems crowded at a first sight, as you don’t know where to get started. In order to make the most out of every single built-in feature, you should consult the help menu. The program gives users the possibility to add SWF files to the list, and you can also preview them directly in the primary pane. Unfortunately, you cannot stop or pause the current selection, or skip to a specific position in the video stream. You can upload images to the list, provided that the file format is JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF or WMF. The photos can be imported from the Clipboard content or default scanner. It features an animation editor that allows you to set the time and pick the rotation angle and resolution. You can move the picture with the mouse cursor in the working environment, apply zooming options, insert tables and text messages which can be customized in terms of font style, number, size, color and alignment. Any unnecessary adjustments can be easily rolled back, thanks to its built-in buttons. Additionally, you may create a list with other files to be included in the final catalog. Furthermore, you can import price lists into the catalog from XLS, ODS, DBF, XML, CSV, HTML, or plain text files. You can edit and arrange the column headers, namely code, description, price, options, manufacturer, images, full description, and others. MyBusinessCatalog Free comes packed with a wide range of templates for helping you design price lists, PDF and HTML catalogs. Each preset list can be edited in a separate pane which bundles many dedicated parameters. Plus, you can burn the newly created catalogs to a CD, DVD or flash card with auto run options, and pick the language. It is also possible to build catalogs that are compatible with Android devices. You can add general information about the company, namely phone, fax, address, email and website. The generated catalogs can be printed, sent via email with your default client, saved to PDF, or published to websites via FTP servers. Overall, MyBusinessCatalog Free comes packed with useful features but the GUI is not at all intuitive, and you may spend some time trying to set up the entire creation process of electronic catalogs.
MyBusinessCatalog Free is a handy and reliable application designed to create electronic catalogs of products and services that your company offers. The program includes an extensive set of tools for creating a digital product catalog and writing it on a CD. The catalog starts right off the CD and does not require any installations on your customer`s computer. The digital CD catalog has the internal means for creating, printing, and submitting order via e-mail and supports updating the product information via the Internet. All you need is just fill out the catalog with your company and products information, write the customer portion of the catalog on a CD and hand the CD out to your customers. That CD will provide your customers with the most complete and actual information on the product and let them create an order and submit it to you via e-mail. If you have several branches or departments, the catalog will let you enter several recipients that will receive and handle the orders. The digital catalog allows updating its data via the Internet, so your CD catalog will never go obsolete. The update procedure is completely automatic; the data the customer receives during the update is written on the customer`s hard disk and not on the CD. Writing a digital catalog on CD is essentially cheaper than printing the same catalog on paper. Besides, you will not need to print a new catalog should your product list acquire any changes. If necessary, you can print the catalog on paper right from the program. Creation of a CD-based catalog does not require any coding or programming skills. The intuitively clear interface enables any user to work with the program. If you need to create a functional CD catalog or keep asking yourself, `How do I create a digital product catalog?` MyBusinessCatalog will provide you the complete solution of that problem. NOTE: In order to use the application you need to obtain an activation key.
Here are some key features of “MyBusinessCatalog Free”:
  • Creating a fully functional online store
  • Entering/editing product/service lists
  • Import Wizard for retrieving data from MS Excel, Access, DBF, TXT, CSV, XML
  • Arranging products in groups/subgroups
  • Entering/scanning/adding photographs/charts/diagrams
  • Smooth and fixed zooming into images
  • Customizable image transition effects
  • Entering/editing detailed descriptions
  • Adding Flash movies
  • News and company information page
  • Order creation/printing/submission system
  • Order management system. Order history
  • Multiple-office support for consolidating orders
  • Consolidating orders on customer side
  • Attaching order as file to e-mail message
  • Setting up the form and requesting any data from customer
  • Maintaining several catalogs on a single PC
  • Product galleries
  • Printing price lists
  • Printing illustrated catalog in your format
  • Printing data and images on individual items
  • Printing description on an individual item
  • Contextual and advanced catalog search
  • Creating/burning CD catalog
  • Using/running catalog from CD (or installing catalog on user’s computer)
  • Creating and/or sending a PDF catalog of all or selected items
  • Creating an HTML catalog of all or selected items
  • Development of printable reports with your corporate style
  • Updating end-user catalog over the Internet (How it works)
  • Slideshow
  • Maintaining multiple-currency catalogs
  • Discount policy
  • Bulk order restrictions
  • Support of several user interface languages
What’s New
  • New Android catalog, faster, more comfortable, more functional
  • Added demo-server for Apps uploading
  • Added Indonesian interface language

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