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Music Collection FreewareMusic Collection is a software application which comprises tools for helping you manage your music collection in a database. It addresses advanced users as well as less experienced ones. The interface of the program is made from a standard window with a well-defined layout, where you can create a new database by specifying the output directory and filename. Music Collection supports only Microsoft Access files (MDB format). Adding a new album to the list implies filling in some information regarding the album data (e.g. title, media number, bands, extra features, web link), medium data (e.g. performer, composer, credit, state, notes, location), tracks, lyrics and the album cover. You can insert as many records as you want into the database, or sort them by various criteria (e.g. artist, genre, format, label), toggle between album and track viewing mode, or view albums with images. It is also possible to edit album properties or remove albums from the database, export an album to the HTML format, add an artist’s biography, backup and restore data, manage loans and collection covers, search for an album or track, as well as view statistics and generate reports. Music Collection requires a low-to-moderate quantity of CPU and system memory, has a good response time and includes user documentation. No error notifications have been shown in our tests and the app did not hang or crash. Thanks to its intuitive layout yet comprehensive options, Music Collection should satisfy the entire audience. There’s also a portable editionavailable.
Music Collection is a simple to use application created for those who need to archive and manage their album collections. Using it you can enter in a collection any kind of music media that you own or you intend to. Also you can add or edit any kind of information concerning the albums. The album info can be manually entered or automatically via Internet. After saving the albums, you can browse them, filter albums by all possible criteria and search for particular album tracks you are interested. Also the program can display and print all data from your music collection in different ways, so you can pick the desired one. The idea for creating the program was to manage my own music collection and i hope that it would be also useful to any music collector. You can also download Music Collection Portable.
Here are some key features of “Music Collection”: · The program creates the collection’s database in a Microsoft Access format, so if you want later, you can use it, without the help of the program. · The user can create as many as different collections wants. · Accepts all kinds of musical media (cd, lp, dvd-a, etc.). · Specially customized to add and edit classical music albums. · For every album the program saves all media contained, every medium tracks and the lyrics for every track. · Presents albums using filters or without. · Lists selected albums in a grid or using images (default setting). · Presents all items contained in the album, in one page for an easy album overview. The details that are shown there are: album cover, album artists, notes, the tracks of each medium, the lyrics of each track and the duration of each one, as well as the total duration of the album. · Exports album information to html file. · Manages all program data, such as a list of singers, composers, etc. · Manages artist information (biography, best albums). · Prints all the data shown in each table.. · Creates reports, which you can configure by your preference.. · Manages album loans. · Shows collection statistics. · Searches for tracks and opens the album medium that contains them. · Advanced album searching, using every possible criterion. · Retrieves data from the Internet, such as cd info, album cover, artist information, tracks, and the lyrics of each track etc. Requirements: · Minimum hard disk space 10MB or more What’s New  · Added automatic audio file album saving in database. · Changes in the album presentation. · Fixed some bugs.

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