MStereoProcessor 7.13 Demo

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MStereoProcessor 7.13 Demo

Multiband mastering stereo enhancer & analyzer

MStereoProcessor was developed to be an advanced multiband stereo analyzer and enhancer plug-in. Using MStereoProcessor you can make your recording and mixes sound more professional, by easily adding the necessary perception of depth and space. Here are some key features of “MStereoProcessor”: · Global panorama, widening and exciting – for starters you can modify the panorama and widening of the signal itself. The algorithm is totally transparent and mono compatible. Finally you can apply a broadband exciter to improve clarity of each band. · 4 bands with separate widening and exciting – while it is often desired to have bass stereo field minimal as opposed to treble, MStereoProcessor lets you process all bands separately. You can modify the stereo field from mono to 200% increase and even perform delayed stereo enhancement. Both algorithms are fully transparent and mono compatible. Finally you can apply an exciter to improve clarity of each band. · 2D stereo field analyzer and channel peak meters – integrated analyzers give you an accurate view of the output stereo profile, which you can use to ensure the recording is accurately wide and has correct direction. · Mono/stereo field check – you can easily check if your recording is mono compatible and what is the stereo content actually. · Mute and solo for each band – you can always listen to each band and check that each spectral part of the recording is perfect. · Extremely advanced and easy-to-use user interface – our products are always workflow enhanced. You can easily change all values and gain maximal accuracy using textual editing… · MIDI controllers with MIDI learn – you can map any parameter to any MIDI controller or MIDI keyboard and control it realtime or record and automate it. · Adjustable up-sampling 1x-4x to minimize aliasing and get even more clear sound. · Global preset management – using a title button you can save your settings, which are shared on the computer, so you can easily access them in other songs. · Full automation. Requirements: · VST compatible host (32-bit or 64-bit) · Intel/AMD processor, SSE2 & dual-core support recommended Limitations: · If not activated, the software stays in demo mode, which generates noise from time to time and opens the developer’s website on start-up and contains a clickable region, which opens the developer’s website. · Nag screen What’s New  · Fix: Safety limiter was responding too early on stereo sources and didn’t work correctly single-channel modes. · Fix: New pitch detection algorithm could cause problems when fed with white noise and some other problematic signals. · Fix: Mouse movement over the plugin window in Cubase did stop any other drawing on some machines.

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