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MOBILedit! Forensic Lite DemoManaging the content on a mobile phone and getting all the details concerning the device will require a specialized application that is able to recognize any device and access the data stored onto it. Among the tools devised for this purpose, MOBILedit! Forensic Lite aims to make things easier for regular users, while providing advanced functions for experts. The interface of the program is quite nice to work with as it offers quick access to all the features and commands. As soon as the phone is connected, MOBILedit! Forensic Lite will scan it and organize in a tree-like structure the content. When clicking the device’s name you will have all the information instantly displayed. Starting from the manufacturer name and phone model you can checkout details like the IMEI, operator, phone time or supported resolutions and display colors. With the help of MOBILedit! Forensic Lite you can view phonebook data, call history, messages notes, calendar entries and even more. A most useful function of this software is the ability to create backups through a simple wizard. The photo viewer this utility comes with supports all the file types you can also look at on your phone, so you will be able to preview and select the pictures you want to transfer or delete from the mobile device. The forensics report generation feature of MOBILedit! Forensic Lite is one of the most appreciated and it is quite easy to create them, especially because there are some built-in templates at your disposal. Exporting the data included in these reports can be done in XLS, XML or RTF formats. All in all, if your mobile phone is on the list of supported devices, you can put MOBILedit! Forensic Lite to good use and benefit from the decent set of functions it is equipped with.
MOBILedit! Forensic Lite displays information about your phone, such as IMEI, software and hardware versions as well as platform. MOBILedit! Forensic Lite has changed the way this evidence is obtained and presented. It provides reports with tamper-proof and indisputable evidence in a court of law. This report details out every piece of information in the phone such as call history, list of contacts, messages, photos, voice recordings, video, files, calendar, tasks, notes etc. MOBILedit! Forensic Lite is a must-have for any forensic agent looking for that extra edge. With just one click, MOBILedit! Forensic Lite collects all possible data from the mobile phone and generates an extensive report onto a PC that can be stored or printed. MOBILedit! Forensic is the most universal cellular phone solution with architecture able to support virtually all phones. MOBILedit! Forensic Lite allows you to customize the output making it completely adaptable to the needs of your judicial system. MOBILedit! Forensic Lite also has frequent updates and upgrades so that you can be sure you are using the absolute latest in technology.
Here are some key features of “MOBILedit! Forensic Lite”:
  • Analyze phones via Bluetooth, IrDA or cable connection
  • Analyze phonebook, last dialed numbers, missed calls, received calls, SMS messages, multimedia messages, photos, files, phone details, calendar, notes, tasks and more
  • Large quantity of phones supported
  • Frequent updates and upgrades with new features and more phones
  • Direct SIM analyzer through SIM readers
  • Reads deleted messages from the SIM card
  • Reports Generator based on your templates
  • Print reports ready for courtroom
  • Reports generated in any language
  • Make backup now and reports when needed
  • Manual investigation mode
  • Secure and tamper-proof using MD5 hash
  • Compliant with Word or any other RTF editor
  • View formatted reports in browser including original pictures
  • Exports to Word, Excel/XLS, browser, XML/XSL
  • Complete solution including specific phone cables and SIM readers
  • XML export – seamlessly connect MOBILedit! Forensic data with other systems
  • Deleted SMS
  • Preferred/forbidden networks
  • Hex dump viewer
  • Free access to forensic forum
  • CPU: Equal to Pentium 300 MHz or above
  • 256 MB or above
  • 100 MB or above
  • Hardware to connect mobile devices: BlueTooth, suitable cable, IrDA, SIM Card reader
  • It is not possible to write changes to devices
  • A short text (“Sent by MOBILedit!”) is being appended to the outgoing text messages
  • Only five dials and one file download are possible until the next restart of the program
  • Data restore cannot be performed with the unregistered version
  • You cannot export your data to an external application
  • You cannot copy data from your phone to another phone, outlook or cloud account
  • Nag Screen
What’s New 
  • New:
  • Support for new phones, such as Google Nexus 5
  • Improved support for Android 4.4
  • Improved stability:
  • Occasional crash when acquiring data or browsing large file systems on smartphones resolved
  • Occasional crash when working with iTunes backups resolved
  • A few other minor bug-fixes

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