Metronome EXP Pro Demo

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Metronome EXP Pro Demo

Metronome EXP Pro is an essential practice tool for serious musicans

Metronome EXP Pro is a handy and reliable sequencer intended for musicians who want to create anything from a single click to drum patterns with a chord sequencer and bass line. Moreover, Metronome EXP Pro enables faster creation of time signatures and irregular meters played simultaneously or in alteration. From within the interface, users have the possibility to instantly change the key of the chord progression, as well as to play a huge number of time signatures. Taking into consideration that all the settings are stored in a locally created file, the application can be easily launched from a USB flash drive. Thus, you have the possibility to take your favorite practice patterns with you anywhere.
Here are some key features of “Metronome EXP Pro”:
  • Support for time signatures
  • Professional beat subdivision
  • Create presets
  • Support for .WAV files
  • Pentium 4 or later
  • 256 mb RAM
  • The unregistered version will only play for 2 minutes before stopping. Clicking the Start button will restart the Metronome.
  • No settings or presets can be saved. Everything is reset when the
  • application is shut down.

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