Metalogic Finance Explorer Portable 6.0.0 Freeware

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Metalogic Finance Explorer Portable 6.0.0 FreewareKeeping tab of all the monthly expenses can be quite difficult and saving money is impossible if you don’t learn how to balance the spendings. Metalogic Finance Explorer Portable is a nice tool that was created to provide you with a way to view all the money that comes and goes from your pocket. The program has a simple interface and a clean layout, making it easy to figure out by all users. As mentioned, the app lets you keep track of all the banking accounts through a simple interface. For instance, you can add savings accounts, card balances as well as various loans taken from banking institutions. It’s possible to control the monthly budget by creating entries for all the big spendings, bills, income and personal expenses. Similarly, the opening and current balances for the savings account can be adjusted at all times as well. Any investments can be jotted down too so you have a clear picture regarding the financial situation you are in. Since the program can handle an unlimited number of accounts, as well as all your expenses. It even provides a monthly view of transactions as well as net worth view. The app is completely portable, which means it doesn’t need to be installed to the computer in order to work and can be launched from removable devices, such as flash drives. All in all, Metalogic Finance Explorer Portable is a nice tool that can be quite useful to have around if you want to know exactly where your money is going each month. Less experienced individuals should find it easy to handle, thanks to the intuitive interface and its overall simplicity.
Metalogic Finance Explorer Portable is a handy and reliable application designed to help users manage and organize their bank accounts, investments and budgets. Metalogic Finance Explorer Portable will enable you to download transactions. The software includes an intuitive budget. Handles an unlimited number of accounts including checking, saving, investment, cash, credit card and loan. Monthly view of transactions as well as net worth view. Download stock quotes from the web. Online tutorial and, to top it all off, a very user friendly interface. You can also download Metalogic Finance Explorer (installer version)
Here are some key features of “Metalogic Finance Explorer Portable”:
  • Real time: Update your stock quotes directly from the web.
  • Interface: A familiar and easy to use Windows Explorer-like user interface.
  • Import transactions: Download them from your bank and import them directly into MLFE. No need to manually enter them. This will save you time and avoid mistakes. All popular formats are supported: Microsoft Money (OFX) and Intuit Quicken (both QFX and QIF).
  • Budgeting: Set some financial goals and let our budget feature help you achieve them. At the same time get fine control over your spending. By sticking to your budget you will be able to achieve your goals faster, whether it’s paying your debt or saving for something.
  • Accounts: Supports several types of accounts including bank, cash, credit, etc. Can handle an unlimited number of them.
  • Stock tracking: Keep track of your stocks. Current stock quotes can be downloaded from the web with a mouse click.
  • Categorization: Put all your transactions into categories so you can get a better overview of all your expenditures and income.
  • Net worth: Get a complete view of your finances at a glance.
  • Loans: Record all your loans and track your progress as you make payments.
  • Printing: Keep a hardcopy of your information.
  • Export: Use your data from other applications.
What’s New 
  • Category Rules (Tools > Category Rules…) can be setup to automatically categorize transactions as they are imported.
  • Donate option (Help > Donate) to support Metalogic Software.

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