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Mass Folder Manager Suite 7.00 DemoMass Folder Manager Suite is a software application which can be used in order to perform particular folder managing operations, such as copying, deleting and renaming. The installation processes does not offer to add other third-party products, and after you complete it, you are met with a simple interface, which is accessible to both experienced and novice users. Aside from that, it is built with several tabs, which enable you to find all available options much faster.  In fact, this utility comes bundled with comprehensive and neatly-organized Help contents and a few examples for each type of action you can take, so that even beginners can learn how to use it at its full potential. It is possible to import, copy and delete folder structures, as well as rename them, and access a subfolder list builder. In the latter, you are required to provide Mass Folder Manager Suite with a source folder and choose which subdirectories to use (all, the last or according to a user-input filter. You can view the number of total levels, items, and size, as well as exclude particular directories, and export the remaining ones as a list in a TXT or CSV format, with custom delimiters. This tool can also zoom in and out, add prefixes and/or suffixes, edit imported files and delete specific elements. It does not tamper with system resources, as it uses minimal CPU and memory, even when processes are running. This means you can run other programs in the same time, without experiencing difficulties. Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say Mass Folder Manager Suite is a pretty decent piece of software, when it comes to managing multiple directories at a time. However, the interface could use a little bit more work.
Mass Folder Manager Suite is a professional folder manager tool that enables you to rename or delete specific files and folders. Mass Folder Manager Suite helps you detect and correct any unwanted changes and errors without compromising existing structures.
Here are some key features of “Mass Folder Manager Suite”:
  • Automatic folder list generation using subfolder level selector and term filter:
  • Automatically collect sub-folders from a given selected sub-folder level to an input folder list.
  • There is also an option to use a term filter in subfolder names.
  • Eliminates manual entry and associated errors.
  • Import/Export:
  • Easy communication between the program components, the program and other applications. You also have the ability to combine features so you can solve more complex tasks.
  • Include/Exclude window allows you to:
  • Automatically add multiple folder lists to the Include window, or use the import option
  • See folder list(s)
  • Quickly exclude selected list items
  • Manually add items to the list in the Include window
  • Built-in editor:
  • Easily modify folder list(s) before or after the folder processing – at any time
  • View:
  • View the subfolder structure of the selected folder from the Include list
  • COPY Folder Structures to the EXISTING list of folders:
  • Copy empty Folder Structure – copy only the Folder Structure without files
  • Copy full Subfolder Structure – copy folders with their files
  • DELETE Folder Structures and/or Main Folders:
  • Delete only the Files – retain empty Folder Structures
  • Delete complete subfolder Folder Structures – retain Main Folders
  • Delete list of Main Folders with complete Folders Structures – retain nothing
  • RENAME the last subfolder of a list of folders
  • Attach (copy) a Folder Structure to the newly created folders:
  • Without folders and files: no copy
  • Full Subfolder Structure
  • Empty folders : Copy only the Folder Structure without existing files
  • Automatic-visual log with statistics:
  • See processed folders, subfolders, files and errors on the same page in separate windows.
  • See progress in real time.
  • Easily detect unwanted changes or errors.
  • Detailed statistics (total folders, subfolders and file sizes before and after the process) also indicate whether errors have occurred.
  • Uninterrupted process
  • View options:
  • View a selected Folder Structure at any time
  • Undo function:
  • Remove the most recent changes so your existing Folder Structures remain unchanged.
  • Repeat operations (copy…) with modified folder list(s) as many times as you like.
  • You can add a folder structure with maximum 15 subfolders and/or 5 files
  • Can create up to 5 main folders
What’s New 
  • Ability to manage large and complex folder structures (10 million folders at once)
  • Ability to use long numbers in folder names (1000000) – sequentially created folders
  • Create max 10 million sequentially created folders(end number max. 10 million)
  • Destination drop-down list displays the last 100 folders
  • Radio button stays selected when you browse the destination folder
  • Bug fixes

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