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M-Player 1.20 FreewareM-Player is a lightweight audio player that allows users to listen to their favorite sound files in a clean and simplistic environment. It sports a straightforward GUI with all its options displayed in the main window. You can either drag and drop the items directly into the playlist panel, or use the built-in browse button. The application works only with two file formats: MP3 and WMA. You can create multiple playlists and save them to XML file format, as well as pick the playing order of your audio tracks by moving the items up or down. It is possible to add and remove files, or clear the entire playlist.  Furthermore, M-Player gives you the possibility of editing file information by specifying the track number, title, artist and album name, genre and year. Thanks to its built-in browser you have direct access to lyrics searching, YouTube-related videos and Wikipedia information about the artist and song. The library dialog offers quick access to the audio files grouped by artists and albums, and comes packed with a built-in search engine, so you can find the tracks on the breeze. M-Player bundles audio options that are expected to find in any similar application, as it allows users to start, play or stop the current selection, and adjust the volume. It also keeps statistics with the most recently added and played files, and favorite tracks. Hotkeys are available, but they cannot be reassigned. All in all, M-Player is a handy audio player that offers a simple software solution when it comes to listening to sound tracks. It’s easy to work with and can be mastered even by rookies.
M-Player was created as a general-purpose music player that allows you to listen to your favorite songs. The application comes with a friendly and robust GUI and with simple and intuitive controls and functionality. M-Player includes some cool features and one of them is the ability to manage and access your disk music collection faster. The Library will load automatically when you first run the program asking for the location of your music files and generating the audio list that will later be used in the program. Apart from the expected playback abilities neatly laid out, M-Player can also display the cover of the album embedded in the audio tracks. The playlist will keep track of all your files comprehensively using title, artist, album, genre, duration, year, bit rate, file path values which allow you to sort out files according to your needs. Repeat and shuffle functions are available activated from either the menu bar or designated hotkeys. Another enhancement involves the ability to quickly lookup lyrics online from within the program with an integrated browser. You can even view the video for your audio track on YouTube, and artist information through Wikipedia. The WLM or Skype music Plugin will display the title and artist of the currently played track into WLM messenger or Skype, so that your friends can always see what you are listening to. M-Player is a great tool designed for all music lovers. You can now listen to your music albums, lookup lyrics and view the video clips with just one click.
Requirements: · .NET Framework 3.5 · Windows Media Player version 9 or above · A monitor resolution of 1280 x 1024 or greater. What’s New  New Features: · The ability to easily shuffle through all library tracks through a click of a menu. This will only work for the Library mode · The tracks listed in the Statistics mode can now be repeated, shuffled or navigated through using the “Previous” and “Next” buttons and menu items Bug Fixes: · Fixed a bug which caused a searched and selected library track to not be selected in the Library mode correctly · Fixed a big which caused the total megabytes (MB) value of listed tracks for all modes to be calculated slightly wrong

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