Logizian Simulacian 11.0 Build 20140110 Trial

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Logizian Simulacian 11.0 Build 20140110 TrialLogizian Simulacian is a complex and powerful software tool which enables you to create multiple types of diagrams for your working procedures. The interface presents quite an intuitive design, bundled with a menu bar, several shortcut buttons and plenty of panels, which help you better control all aspects of any type of diagram you might want to create. This application enables you to create multiple types of diagrams, such as business process, conversation, data flow, EPC, process map, organization and RACI, as well as open multiple projects at a time and thus, giving you the opportunity to multi-task.  Your work can be saved to the hard drive in the proprietary format (VPP), or exported in XML, XLS, JPG, PNG, SVG, EMF and PDF files, while import can be realized from XML, BPMN, BPM, XLS and VDX projects. Regardless of the type of diagram you want to create, they all have a few common tools and options. To be more accurate, you can use a point eraser, sweeper, magnet or gesture pen, insert subsystems, a generic connector, image (JPG, GIF, PNG), geometrical shapes, text box, word art, arrows and the list goes on. Aside from that, this software utility enables you to take snapshots of a custom screen area, generate PDF, HTML or DOC report, add watermarks, a front page, document info and adjust page setup. It is possible to add multiple types of databases, such as MySQL, Oracle, HSQL, DB2, Firebird, FrontBase, PostgreSQL, Ingres and SQLite, as well as configure stereotypes, use a search function, or shape editor, zoom in and out, add bookmarks and view visual differences. Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say Logizian Simulacian is a complex and efficient piece of software, with a good response time, user-friendly interface and many options to help you conduct all business affairs in a more efficient manner.
Logizian Simulacian is the complete version of the powerful business process diagram creator that allows you to create models for your working procedures. The program is capable of designing complex models, animating the processes and generate reports with just a few clicks. The created business models can be published in order to be included in a documentation or a website. The Simulacian version also includes the ability to simulate the business process in order to create presentations or tutorials. NOTE: You can also download Logizian Simulacian Portable
  • 30 days trial
  • Watermark on the exported diagrams
What’s New 
  • Fixes and Enhancements:
  • General Issues:
  • Fixed documentation pane’s search function not working in Viewer Edition
  • Fixed Use Case Detail’s title not refresh upon the renaming of use case
  • Fixed multiple undo is required to remove a created BPMN lane
  • Fixed an IJ start-up issue wit IJ 13
  • Fixed a sequence message numbering issue
  • Fixed duration constraint caption disappear after undo deletion of shapes in sequence diagram
  • Fixed Sub-process diagram de-associated after importing BPMN
  • Fixed sweeper moves shapes to far away
  • Fixed diagram selection dialog box failed to show documentation in nickname
  • Fixed Use Case Note List’s focus consumed by note configuration pane
  • Fixed the New Diagram window in eclipse shows out of screen
  • Not to re-use project author from opened project
  • Improved captions in grid
  • Improved the sizing of headers in matrix/chart
  • Supported IPolygon.setPoints(Point[]) in OpenAPI
  • Updated Help Contents
  • Wireframe:
  • Fixed resizing Alert View in wireframe may cause containing label sh…

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