Logizian Analyst 10.2 Build 20131102 Trial

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Logizian Analyst 10.2 Build 20131102 Trial

A business diagram creator with advanced features

Logizian Analyst is a useful program that can help you create models for business workflows and procedures. The application is capable of designing complex models, animating the processes and generate reports with just a few clicks. The created business models can be published in order to be included in a documentation or a website. The Analyst version allows you to create data flow diagrams and to generate process reports for your business models. You can also download Logizian Analyst Portable
  • 30 days trial
  • Watermark on the exported diagrams
What’s New 
  • General Issues:
  • Fixed copy and paste decision table content produces bad HTML content
  • Fixed undo creating condition in decision table doesn’t stop editing mode
  • Fixed incorrect drop-down value for decision table cell
  • Fixed misaligned view and model for relationships before and after re-open project
  • Fixed bad embedded process size when resize with child shape
  • Fixed problematic diagram info shape content
  • Fixed Z-order problem related to undo/redo of the creation of package shape
  • Fixed document properties not correctly exported to MS Word
  • Fixed inactive property pane after trying to assign type to multiple attributes
  • Fixed exit application incorrectly prompted “Properties Modified” alert
  • Fixed a format copier issue related to nickname
  • Fixed a copy and paste issue related to nickname
  • Changed to sort lanes under “Show Lane” in alphabetical order
  • Interoperability:
  • Fixed linkage to diagram overview lost after XML export and import
  • Fixed unable to export Excel via command mode
  • Fixed export X…

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