loadUI 2.6.3 Freeware

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loadUI 2.6.3 Freeware

Load testing numerous protocols made easy

loadUI is a handy application specially designed to help you with Load Testing numerous protocols. Tests can be distributed and modified in real time. LoadUI is tightly integrated with soapUI. LoadUI uses a highly graphic interface making Load Testing Fun and Fast. loadUI.
Here are some key features of “loadUI”:
  • Test Creation:
  • Creating and planning your tests in loadUI is a breeze. Featuring an innovative and intuitive user interface, loadUI is extremely productive and a joy to use.
  • Test Creation features:
  • Scenario Planning
  • Build Tests with Drag and Drop
  • Create functional test base in soapUI
  • Build your own components using loadUI GUI Framework
  • Stylish and Rich Interface
  • Interactive Load Testing:
  • With rich and interactive feedback in your tests, loadUI lets you react to the feedback and modify your tests in real time. You are also able to add new test components while running the tests and even distribute them to Agents in real time.
  • Performance Testing Tool features:
  • Stress Testing
  • Endurance Testing
  • Spike Testing
  • Baseline Testing
  • SLA Verification
  • Configuration
  • Isolation
  • Automated Load Testing:
  • Utilize the loadUI command line runner for Test Automation to run Automated Load Testing in Continous Integration Tools such as and not only:
  • Apache Maven
  • Luntbuild
  • Bamboo
  • Hudson
  • Distributed Load Testing:
  • After creating your tests, distribution is the next step. Let your testcases run on multiple Agents to simulate high levels of load and real-user behavior. Load Test Distribution is a simple matter of drag and drop.
  • Test Distribution features:
  • Agents on multiple Server OS’s
  • Drag and Drop deployment
  • Load Testing in the Cloud (Amazon EC2)
  • Interactive test runs on agents
  • Parallel Test Runs
  • Real Time updates
  • Real Time Feedback
  • Agent synchronization
  • Analysis and Results:
  • When running your tests, good reports are a necessity. loadUI supplies statistics, metrics as well as automatic test reports after a test run.
  • Test Analysis features:
  • Interactive diagram
  • Interactive reports
  • Detailed Monitoring
  • Print reports
  • Export reports in multiple formats
  • Multiple Protocols:
  • Through intergration with the most used Testware in the world, soapUI, loadUI provides support for load testing many protocols to provide support for end-to-end load tests:
  • SOAP
  • REST
  • WEB
  • JMS
  • AMF
  • JDBC
  • POX

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