LinqConnect for Metro 4.2.327 Trial

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LinqConnect for Metro 4.2.327 Trial

Metro Database Access through LINQ and ADO.NET

LinqConnect for Metro is a feature-packed ORM solution, which enables developers to create Windows Store applications that come with true ORM support for database access. In addition, LinqConnect for Metro can be used to provide programmers with ADO.NET interfaces for managing data (this was not available for Windows Metro until now). Requirements: · .NET Framework 4.5 Limitations: · 30 days trial period What’s New  · The possibility to use the extension method AsQueryable() in LINQ queries is added · The support for correct retrieving of the TimeSpan and DateTimeOffset values while materializing is added · The support for the operators of equality(==) and inequality(!=) for the “inet” data type in LINQ queries is added (PostgreSQL) · The bug with eager loading is fixed · The bug with the redundant opened sessions is fixed · The bug with missing CreateCommand method in the DataProvider class is fixed · The bug related to the ArgumentNullException on SubmitChanges method when trying to update a row with the same values is fixed · The bug with performing the DatabaseExists() method when Persist Security Info is set to False is fixed (SQL Server) · The bug with the wrong DDL generation in the CreateDatabase() method with the DateTimeOffset properties is fixed (Oracle) Entity Developer: · The “Close the window when the generation completes successfully” option in the Generation Proc…

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