LightningChart Ultimate SDK 5.3.2 Trial

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LightningChart Ultimate SDK 5.3.2 Trial

The fastest data visualization SDK / chart / graph library for .NET

LightningChart Ultimate SDK is a poweful and advanced 2D and 3D measurement, engineering and research data visualization tool for .NET. LightningChart Ultimate SDK is entirely GPU accelerated (Direct3D) and performance optimized data visualization control for presenting masses of data in 2D graph view, 3D view and polar views. LightningChart Ultimate SDK’s graph view is especially designed for professional high-speed data acquisition software, PC-based oscilloscopes and signal analyzers, scientific research, medical and other real-time measurement and signal monitoring applications. The graph is optimized for high-speed sampled signal data handling with innovative CPU overhead saving techniques enabling handling of huge data point amounts, where all other chart/graph controls get delayed, frozen or crashed. 3D view makes data visualization available in freely rotatable 3D space. Data can be presented with many different series types with super-fast data processing and rendering features.
Here are some key features of “LightningChart Ultimate SDK”:
  • XY graph view, 3D view and Polar view
  • Draws huge amounts of measured data as graphs in real-time, very smoothly, up to hundreds of millions of new data points / sec.
  • High refresh rate even with heavy load
  • Renders vast data sets instantly
  • Full 64-bit support. Utilizes over 2 GB memory (in 64-bit systems).
  • Various series types: sampled data (discrete signal), point-lines, freeform point-lines, bars, bands, constant lines, 3D point-lines, 3D bars, 3D surface mesh, 3D surface grid, 3D waterfall, polar areas, polar point-lines
  • Gigantic 3D surface sizes of over 2000×2000.
  • Height/Toned/Point coloring for 3D surfaces and waterfall
  • Contour lines and wireframing for 3D surfaces and waterfall
  • Many lighting and shading options for 3D
  • Perspective and orthographic 3D camera, with pre-defined setups
  • Built-in series tracking cursors for XY graph view
  • Series and chart event marker indicators
  • Many Y axes/chart: stacked or layered for
  • Different X-axis real-time monitoring scrolling modes: Scrolling, sweeping, stepping, oscilloscope style level triggered
  • Automatic scale fitting, grids and divisions
  • Logarithmic axis scales
  • Fast scale setting with mouse
  • Zoom, pan and rotate operations
  • Comprehensive user interface customization: Fonts, alpha colors, line styles, point styles, bitmaps, fills, blinking effects, anti-aliased lines
  • Scrollbars with 64-bit value range
  • Visual Studio .NET 2005, 2008 or 2010
  • DirectX 9.0c level display adapter
  • 30 days trial
What’s New
  • Support for on-line tile data: street maps, satellite imagery, weather
  • WPF chart now supports transparency
  • Performance improvents overall the software and new examples


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