Light Alloy 4.7.3 Build 52 Freeware

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Light Alloy 4.7.3 Build 52 FreewareLight Alloy is a compact media player designed to help you play most of the popular multimedia formats. It provides you with a clear interface that displays all the basic media information and includes the basic controls for playback. The program comes with a set of built-in codecs that enables you to start playing media content immediately after the installation. The app provides you with the most important ones in order to use the player right away but also allows you to use the codecs installed on your computer during the installation. It supports high quality video content such as DVD/Bluray discs, MKV files and MP4 movies. The subtitle support is embedded in the initial installation and allows you to adjust the timing in order to synchronize them with the video playback. The layout of the main window presents you with a progress bar, volume control and playlist editor. A nice addition is the current time indicator that also allows you to shut down the computer at the end of the playlist. Although the general aspect is simple, Light Alloy includes a plethora of customization options that can be adjusted to accommodate your needs. It supports skins and allows you to change the aspect of the interface or the OSD menu. This player is designed to improve your experience by facilitating the media playback control. It provides you with a large list of customizable keyboard shortcuts and integrated WinLIRC support. In our tests, the program required insignificant resources to open and play various video files. It loads almost instantly and maintains the playlist preferences from the previous usage. The flexible interface, fast loading time and remote controlling options recommend Light Alloy as a reliable media player for your computer.
Light Alloy is a tiny and powerful alternative to the default multimedia player that comes with Windows – Windows Media Player. Play AVI, DIVX, DVD, MP3, ASF, WAV and other multimedia formats with ease. Very light on resources and memory.
Here are some key features of “Light Alloy”: · Highly optimised visual interface for speed and usability · Support almost all multimedia formats: AVI, DivX, MP3 · DVD Support (only with MPEG-2 decoder installed) · Ability to take screenshots of movie · Ultimate video control: Zoom, aspect ratio, brightness, contrast, sharpness · Playback speed control · Windowed and fullscreen playback with custom resolutions · Ability to play broken AVI files (or partially downloaded) · Automatic detection of the codec needed · Customizable keyboard and mouse actions · AVISynth filters support · Playlist with bookmarks · Multilingual interface: English, French, German and other languages included. · Subtitles support: *.SUB,*.SRT,*.SSA · Ultimate subtitles control: position, font, color, transparency, background · Useful OSD(On-Screen-Display) information · Skinnable: many skins to download from site. · Multi-audio media support · External audio tracks · WinAMP general plugins support · Seamless joins splitted video · Multimedia and system-wide keys support · Infrared Remotes support: (WinLIRC) · Drag-and-drop support · Commandline parameters support · Context menu quick media information · Optional sound stream resampling What’s New Frontend: · CUE chapters now supported in some additional player functions (navigation menu, next/prev chapter, timeline popup menu). · Playlist->Jump to file: support for unicode. · Updates in help files. · Some player modules were optimized. · Playlist: fixed issue #120. · Playlist: fixed CUE dublicates. · Fixed issue when seek to last pos was not working. · Fixed issue with loading playlists with UTF-8 without BOM. · Fixed issue with “repeat folder” function. · Fixed issue with global keys. · And some other small fixes and changes. Video Engine: · UDP Reader was completelly rewritten. Also it support now HTTP-protocol and proxy. · DTSAC3: added partial support for .dtshd · AVI: enhancements in AVC1/H.264 support. · Updated list of VP5 supported videocards for 4K video. · MPEG: optimized usage cases like IPTV or without video stream (radio, for example). · MPEG Audio: do not search for mpegaudio header deeper than 5 Mb. · Updated system components (mediainfo module, codecs, …) · Video Decoder: fixed crash with MPEG-…

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