LibreEngineering 0.3.0 Free

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LibreEngineering 0.3.0 Free

Accessible, powerful and useful software package that comes included with a SI unit converter, Thermowell design calculator and cable volt drop calculator

Built as an open source software, LibreEngineering features a suite of instrumentation, mechanical, electrical, process engineering calculation and design program. LibreEngineering was developed with the help of the Python programming language and the Qt toolkit. You can now use this set of tools to improve and speed up your work. Here are some key features of “LibreEngineering”: · SI unit converter · Thermowell design calculator · Renewable energy sizing and cable volt drop calculators · Temperature/Pressure/Flow/Compressibility conditions converter · Video/audio/image codec · Russian/Latin keyboard translitirator · Equipment data stored in SQLite databases · Minimalistic and simplistic approach · Cross-platform Requirements: · Python-2.7+ (please note Python-3.x was not tested and may not work) · PyQt-4.7+ · PyEnchant and Myspell dictionaries (required for Translit only) · PySqlite · SQLAlchemy What’s New  · Fixed bug in Thermowell in non-straight installation calculation · Fixed bug in Conditions converter · Added video and audio Start Time options to Codec · Added volume setting to Codec · Added Rotate Video option to Codec

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