Lab128 Free Edition Freeware

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Lab128 Free Edition Freeware

Oracle realtime monitoring

Lab128 Free Edition is a handy and reliable database monitoring utility designed to keep an eye on Oracle database and to report back. It shows what Oracle instance is doing at the moment, how resources are used, how it is executing long running queries, and many other Oracle internal functioning. This is valuable both in production and development environment. When developing or troubleshooting large queries, this tool is essential because it can uncover ongoing performance problems without waiting for the query to be complete. Requirements: · CPU: 586-compatible or later (Intel, AMD etc.); · 1024 x 768 monitor or better. · Oracle Client software with Oracle Call Interface (OCI) installed · Oracle Database Server, versions supported: 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g; What’s New · High DPI (Dots Per Inch) support added. Advances in hardware resulted in high-resolution displays. Previous versions of Lab128 used same number of pixels without regards to DPI setting. Because typically pixel size decreases, Lab128 looked very small and hard to see. This latest version scales-up natively producing very nice looking user interface! If previous behavior is preferred, this feature can be disabled in options: Main menu | Options | Lab128 Options | Autoscale for DPI>96. · For users of Oracle 11gR2 (11.2.*) or later, new v$session_blockers view is now used providing info on more blocking situations where v$lock didn’t help. For example, sessions blocked by “library cache pin” event now show up in the Blocking and Waiting Sessions tree of the Sessions window; · Statistics Editor has been streamlined. Lab128 allows user to create their own new ratios or combined statistics using expressions; · Unicode is better supported and Unicode-related bugs fixed; · Many small improvements and…

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