KooRaRoo Media Free 1.9.0 Freeware

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KooRaRoo Media Free 1.9.0 Freeware

Enjoy your movies, digital photos and videos on home devices that support DLNA

KooRaRoo Media Free is a comprehensive and lightweight multimedia server that provides users with a simple means of playing their favorite movies and listening to music using DLNA devices. With its user-friendly interface, KooRaRoo Media Free enables you to create playlists that can be automatically populated with various details from specific files. The aforementioned application will help you enjoy your home videos, movies and digital music on DLNA-compatible devices on your home network. Here are some key features of “KooRaRoo Media Free”: · Convert file formats · Block private content · Organize your files and folders · Online metadata retrieval What’s New · New: Added an option to modify file’s title if it was already played. · New: Load and use descriptions for streams in files. · New: Show transfer speed in the Status pane for streaming files. · New: Show better descriptions for subtitles in the Transcode dialog. · New: Added an option to skip creating video thumbnails based on an actual video frame. · New: Added an option to reload thumbnails from disk. · New: Added an option to add disk folders without subfolders. · New: Added a function to copy files from a playlist to a disk folder. · New: Show if a device is blocked from accessing KooRaRoo in the Devices pane. · New: Added an option to merge or replace online metadata for files. · Improved: Processing of online URLs. · Improved: Online metadata processing. · Improved: Performance when updating file’s properties. · Improved: Increased dynamic file list criteria for more fine-tuned playlist creation. · New devices: Kalemsoft Media Player, Telstra T-Box. · Device improvements: LG BDPs, LG TVs, Netgear NeoTV 550,…

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