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KLONK Image Measurement 14.1.1 DemoKLONK Image Measurement is an intuitive application that delivers a more convenient approach to measuring pictures and the objects inside them. Originally designed for medical research, KLONK Image Measurement could also come in handy for other fields including design, engineering and artistry and generally industries that rely on a strict graphic pattern. KLONK Image Measurement is able to work with a wide array of image formats – besides the common ones, files such as DICOM, layers, vectorial objects, as well as proprietary formats of Photoshop and Camera RAW are widely accepted. Alternatively, it can process images captured from a local scanner or graphics acquired from Google maps.  The workspace approach provides a better management of resources, while the drawing board allows you to perform various measurements without saving the changes to the original file. There are three types of measurement that you can experiment with: the area measurement, which allows you to make a selection on the image, the line measurement, which calculates the length of a freely drawn line and the angle measurement. The measurements achieved in a work session can be exported to CSV format, but a more detailed overview can be generated through object or workspace reports. The scale can be calibrated to match your needs and switching between units requires very little effort. Other parameters that you can adjust are tolerance, thickness, measurement precision and image compression. Overall, KLONK Image Measurement is intuitive enough and sports a rich feature set that can appeal to a wide array of specialists in various fields, especially that the support for input formats is so generous.
KLONK Image Measurement is the little brother of KLONK Quantify Image Central, which is a state of art Scientific full featured database multiuser Image Measurement system. KLONK Image Measurement is a reliable and useful utility that can be used for measuring areas and perimeters of various photos. KLONK Image Measurement provides the possibility that every single surface measurement will take no more than 1-5 seconds! Depending, of course, on the kind and size of the measurement. It gives you considerable time savings – time you can find better use for in your work. Is is completely intuitive to use. The tool is designed to be an easy to use tool for acquiring and measuring digital images. The measurements may be done by pointing and clicking or with the magic wand tool which automatically detects edges on objects in the images. KLONK Image Measurement can load many different types of images, and also supports image acquisition from most TWAIN supporting scanners. It can measure distance, perimeter, area. Spatial calibration is available to provide real world dimensional measurements such as kilometers, centimeters, millimeters, nanometers, microns, cm, etc,. for both linear and area measurements. The measurement results are stored inside the saved images, when saved on disk, so that they can be recalled everywhere, by other KLONK Image Measurement Users. Note: For extra features, you can upgrade to a paid version.
Here are some key features of “KLONK Image Measurement”:
  • Import digital images
  • Scan images
  • Edge detection
  • Export measured images containing measurements
  • Effective handling of many measurements
  • Print
  • Measure length
  • Measure area
  • The Watermark feature is not available
  • You cannot save images with hidden measurements
  • You cannot load images from scanner, video and camera
  • You cannot measure directly on images from Google Maps and Street View
What’s New 
  • New features:
  • Language Picker
  • Aquire Frame from video and aquire Image merged into one
  • Fixed issues:
  • When importing unsupported fileformat correct error message is shown

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