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Klaok 0.916 FreewareKlaok is an application that enables you to play media files, record videos and take snapshots. It can be used by both beginners and experts. Klaok’s user interface is very colorful, but not so easy to navigate through, and the buttons could have been a little larger. The program supports several audio and video formats, including AVI, MP3, MKV, MPEG, DVD, MIDI, OGG, FLAC and MOV. Unfortunately, you cannot use the drag and drop method to insert files. On the left side of the window you can view a playlist, add special effects (e.g. frames, masks, adjust color, 3D effect), music, or record a particular file. Furthermore, you can record video from camera and configure settings (video frames, camera format, video dimension and rate, background color, etc), create a slideshow from images, browse for files by using a tree-view, record a video from the desktop and configure cursor, draw and capture settings. From the Options menu you can select file associations, enable Explorer context menu, reassign hotkeys, configure internal and external filters as well as subtitle settings, and more. The main disadvantage to Klaok is the fact that you cannot switch to full screen mode, or resize the interface window. This is extremely disappointing when it comes to viewing movie files. Also, the program crashed on us a couple of time while we were exploring the special effects. And last but not least, the interface could definitely use a makeover, so it’s more intuitive to users. Klaok is a simple and practical virtual video media player that supports all popular audio and video files and streaming media. Klaok also analog camera with a software that can simulate a virtual camera, so you can chat with QQ, UC, MSN, Skype, etc. used for playing Movies, MTV, picture to analog camera. Use Klaok, you can share your computer video, photos, animations, and even desktop with your friends. Klaok supports 1000 kinds of effects, and dozens of video and slide show effects, automatic face tracking, picture in picture effects.

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