KillProcess 4.1 Freeware

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KillProcess 4.1 Freeware

A Windows Utility used to kill any process, including services with various other features to help you achieve what you want in the least possible time

With KillProcess you’ll be able to easily terminate any process that doesn’t have to run on your system. KillProcess first tries to kill the selected application by sending the WM_CLOSE message to the application. If the application handles this message, it shutdowns gracefully and KillProcess simply updates the process enumeration list. However, if the application does not accept or handle this message, KillProcess forces the shutdown of the application by calling the function TerminateProcess. Warning! Use the Kill Features with caution as you can kill critical processes for your computer and force computer reboot..
Here are some key features of “KillProcess”:
  • Process Enumeration: At startup, the application enumerates the processes currently running in the system address space. It then fills the control with the names and identifiers of the running processes.
  • Kill Selected Process Individually: simply click on the ‘Kill’ button
  • Kill Several Applications at the same time.
  • Give Main Information on Individual Process: use the context menu (Right-Click Menu) to get process informations
  • Provide Advice about Application Criticality: use the context menu (Right-Click Menu) to Link to the Web Site ttp:// from Auslogics Software Pty Ltd
  • Provide Help to Get More Information about Process: use the context menu (Right-Click Menu) to Link to Google
  • Give Necessary Warnings when Killing Critical Process is Requested
  • Add Process to Scan List for Automatic and Periodical Kill: new feature to automate removal of unwanted process(es)
What’s New 
  • Automatic Start of Scan and Kill at KillProcess Startup
  • New On-Line Parameter to Start KillProcess in a minimized state

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