Kerio Connect 8.2.0 Build 1957 Trial

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Kerio Connect 8.2.0 Build 1957 Trial

A handy, comprehensive and easy-to-use server that enables companies to collaborate via email, shared contacts, shared calendars and tasks

Kerio Connect is the successor of the successful and powerful Kerio MailServer application. Kerio Connect is a modern multi-platform mail server which supports variety of communication protocols. These protocols allow using of any email clients including those which are supported by mobile devices. The mail server also allows direct access to mailboxes via a proprietary web interface.  Kerio Connect uses mailboxes to store various data types. Besides email messages, calendars, notes, contacts and tasks are kept in mailboxes. Calendars and tasks offer also task and meeting planning. These features make Kerio Connect a complex groupware enterprise solution.
Here are some key features of “Kerio Connect”:
  • Connect Everyone:
  • Share email, calendar and contacts, and schedule meetings on any platform. Bring Mac, Windows, Linux and smartphone users together. Use Kerio Global Address List (GAL) to provide an organisation-wide directory of employees.
  • Connect Anywhere and Anytime:
  • Centralise your data into one location. Access your work in the office, on the road or at home.
  • With distributed domain, you can schedule meetings, use your global address book, and easily manage and communicate with remote branch offices. Organisations with offices and Kerio Connect servers in multiple geographic locations can enjoy the benefit of a single and unified collaboration system.
  • Flexible Client Options:
  • Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Entourage Apple iCal, Apple Mail, Apple Address Book Kerio WebMail Mobile devices
  • Work Anywhere:
  • Connect and do more while you are on the road. Reschedule a meeting when your flight has been delayed or send an email to your team members all at once.
  • Kerio Connect gives you the freedom to work where you are and to use the smartphone of your choice.
  • Sync Anything:
  • Simply syncs with direct push email. Sync email, calendar and contacts automatically with your mobile device. Great real-time changes on your phone, on your computer or on the web.
  • Easily manage a custom view for public and shared folders by selecting which folders you want synced with your mobile device.
  • Kerio Connect connects directly to Exchange ActiveSync enabled devices over the air.
  • Protect Data:
  • Protect your data when you phone is lost or stolen. Delete confidential information from your device over the air, through Kerio Smart Wipe.
  • Protect your time and assets:
  • Secure your Inbox from excessive spam management or malicious attacks.
  • Get the power of an appliance:
  • Kerio Connect comes with the strongest anti-spam and anti-virus protection built into a mail server.
  • Integrated for greater protection:
  • Block spam and viruses more efficiently from incoming, outgoing, and relayed email messages and attachments.
  • Anti-spam protection:
  • Over 14 anti-spam layers
  • DHA (Directory Harvest Attack protection)
  • SpamAssassin (Bayes, Heuristic, and SURBL)
  • Anti-phishing / anti-spoofing
  • RBL (Real-time blacklist servers)
  • Custom whitelists and blacklists
  • SMTP restrictions and more…
  • Reduce server resource consumption
  • Block up to 80% of spam before it even reaches the server. Save hard drive space, RAM and CPU usage.
  • Anti-virus protection:
  • Integrated Sophos
  • Turn on the integrated Sophos anti-virus protection for
  • Instant protection:
  • Advanced scanning technology
  • Easy maintenance
  • Updates as often as every hour
  • Third-party anti-virus plug-ins
  • Use your existing anti-virus system with Kerio Connect easily through Kerio’s built-in anti-virus plug-ins.
  • Dual anti-virus ready:
  • Combine Sophos with a second anti-virus engine for double the anti-virus protection.
  • Archiving for compliance and governance:
  • Save incoming, outgoing and relayed messages for both local and external mail. Integrate easily with third-party archiving solutions and non-rewriteable media for legal compliance. Use Kerio WebMail, an IMAP client or athird party legal discovery tool for auditing.
  • To store data for backup and recovery, learn about Kerio Connect’s integrated backup.
  • Retention Policy:
  • Conserve space and prevent excessive storage of old information by automatically deleting old email items.
  • Flexible retention policy options allow administrators to configure mail retention policies per individual domain, or per user. Select which folders to include in the policy and set the age of items to be deleted in days or years.
  • Schedule unattended backups:
  • Backup the server without having to stop the server. Receive email notifications for backup interruptions or completion.
  • Restore backup onto another server:
  • Restore user data and server configurations onto a new installation in event of hardware failure.
  • Integrate with third-party high availability solutions for maximum uptime.
  • Retrieve emptied deleted items:
  • Recover a single emptied deleted email for an individual with just a few clicks.
  • Minimal HW configuration (1-20 users):
  • CPU 1GHz
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 40GB of free space for message store and backup
  • Recommended HW configuration (20-100 users):
  • CPU 2GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • 160GB of free space for message store and backup
  • Recommended HW configuration (100+ users):
  • CPU 2.8GHz 64-bit Quad Core
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 200GB+ of free space for message store and backup
  • 30-day trial
What’s New 
  • Kerio Connect:
  • Improved interoperability of Out Of Office replies by using a sender email address.
  • OpenSSL library upgraded to version 1.0.1e.
  • Added delegation for Microsoft Outlook (MS Windows, OS X).
  • Improved stability of engine.
  • Added support for multi-user / group chat in Instant Messaging.
  • Added support of attachments synchronization for BlackBerry 10.
  • Decreased CPU usage during CalDAV synchronization.
  • Better handling of task requests in Outlook for Mac (EWS).
  • Added Sender Anti-Spoofing security feature.
  • Added DomainKeys Identified Mail feature.
  • Improved stability of search engine.
  • Added ability to subscribe to other domain users folders/calendars in MS Outlook for MAC.
  • Fixed LDAP search in folders with special (national) characters.
  • Solved problem with automatic update of 64-bit version on Linux.
  • Fixed Instant Messaging server statistics.
  • Fixed problem with Instant Messaging server, when double domain renaming.
  • Many small improvements in Instant Messaging server.
  • Fixed syncing …

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