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JXCirrusProject DemoWhether you need to manage your daily tasks or simply plan multiple projects, JXCirrusProject is worth having. It helps you to set the priority for each project and create a complete new plan each time changes are performed in the current project. Thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, JXCirrusProject enables you to view all the available projects and each one’s priority. Designed as a project planning and monitoring tool, the application focuses on making it easy to create and design a work breakdown structure, and once you generate the structure, you can easily track all the deadlines. JXCirrusProject works as Gantt charts do. You have the possibility to add new entries such as projects, groups and notes, set the priority level, the duration, the start and the end date, then view the project schedule. The main window of the application displays the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary tasks of a project. Moreover, as the work progresses, the plan is continually recalculated. You are able to immediately view which tasks are becoming critical paths and remove all the tasks or resources that no longer require a plan network. Also, the application works as a personal diary as well. It allows you to manage, organize and track address books, personal notes and appointments. This way, you will always get notified if an important meeting is scheduled in the current week or month. Because JXCirrusProject adapts to the way you work, it enables you to organize and structure projects however you like. It will store all your information including home projects, important tasks and notes and allow you to create complex project templates that can be used in business presentations. Considering all the above, JXCirrusProject proves to be a reliable and useful application whose main purpose is to handle both important projects and personal notes.
JXCirrusProject is a comprehensive and reliable utility that makes a complete new plan every time anything in the project changes (such as new work being added, or new team members joining). The application features an intuitive interface and allows you to structure your projects the way you want. It can handle construction, infrastructure, home projects, IT (Waterfall, Agile and anything in between).
Here are some key features of “JXCirrusProject”:
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Create ongoing tasks
  • Track public holidays
  • Save your data to cloud services
  • The premium version enables you to access features such as DB Schema, Commands, Scripts and Properties
  • The premium version lets you add structures to store extra information and even perform spreadsheet-like calculations on your data.
  • You can extend the basic structure and use it to create complex project templates to use in business.
What’s New 
  • Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an error where repeating tasks with an “End Repeating” date set were closing before that date was reached.
  • Fixed an error where tasks that repeat each workday were not being marked as complete
  • Fixed an error where the warning popups were popping up repeatedly for the same tasks.
  • Fixed an error where you cannot cut and paste multiple objects that have diffent specs (despite being derived from the same base spec).

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