JIBS Freeware

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JIBS Freeware

Play your slideshows on fullscreen

JIBS is a handy and reliable image browser with a full-screen slideshow, image sorting, and a printable contact sheet, that enables you to quickly sort the images by name or date, edit or view them. The image viewer incorporated in JIBS is perfect for rotating digital images and sorting them into the correct folders. Also great for managing downloaded images.
Here are some key features of “JIBS”:
  • Preview, save & print thumbnails sheets of you pictures
  • Run Slide Shows in Full-Screen mode
  • Automatically resizes pictures down to fit screen
  • Automatically flip pictures at an adjustable interval
  • Manual controls continue to work during automatic flipping
  • Resize the pictures 10% with Shrink or Grow buttons
  • Several options for viewing files
  • Create, rename, delete directories
  • Rename camera files with their date and time
  • Resize a group of files
What’s New
  • Emergency fix because JIBS stopped auto opening from Windows. Fix is to eliminate the following (by starting directly with Jibs vice JibsJarStartup), none of which are used:
  • The automatic minimum memory adjustment. This was off anyway for Java 6 & 7 and this won’t run without at least Java 6.
  • The ability to find a props file on startup. So far as I know, no one has ever attempted localization.
  • The ability to load local jar files to extend Jibs. They are now all included in the application.

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