jGrape 2.0.72 Trial

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jGrape 2.0.72 Trial

An application designed to organize workplaces in offices and factories better so you do not have to think about everything but the essentials

jGrape is a powerful software solution that was designed in order to help you organize the work-flow and manage the terminals altogether. With jGrape, you are handed a simple alternative to the work you would have to do if choosing not to take advantage of its features and benefits.
Here are some key features of “jGrape”:
  • Administration of users, their rights
  • Creating and flexible configuration of the desktop for different tasks
  • HTTP / HTTPS server
  • FTP server
  • TFTP server
  • Adjustment jGrape server
  • Adjustment ICA clients and terminal access to Citrix server
  • The setup RDP client and terminal access to Microsoft terminal server
  • Set up NX client and terminal access to the NX server
  • Set up VNC client and terminal access to a VNC server
  • Set up a Telnet client and Telnet access to the server
  • Set up SSH clients and access to the SSH server
  • Integration of any WEB application
  • The centralized group management of terminals(GrapeTC Lite)
  • Running local applications from a browser
  • Group Administration
  • Remote Administration
  • Support for multilingual interface

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