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iPod Copy Master DemoiPod Copy Master is an easy-to-use program that allows users to transfer songs from their iPod devices to the computer, in order to create backups for safekeeping. It can be handled by all types of users, even the ones with limited or no experience in such tools. The interface is represented by a standard window with a plain and simple layout, where a list of your podcasts is shown as soon as you plug the iPod device into the computer unit. You can view the title, artist, album, duration, size and rating for each song, as well as check out all albums or filter them by type (e.g. audio, video), as well as display media by artist name. In order to transfer files to the computer, all you have to do is point out a saving directory. In addition to this, you can ask iPod Copy Master to synchronize data with iTunes automatically. As far as options are concerned, you can preserve the original folder structure, open the output directory on task completion automatically, as well as verify iPod data integrity and automatically correct it to ensure lossless transfers. iPod Copy Master supports three skins for the interface and finishes a task in reasonable time, while using a very low amount of CPU and RAM. We haven’t come across any issues in our evaluation, as the tool did not hang, crash or show error notifications. However, iPod Copy Master includes limited features that do not justify its selling price.
iPod Copy Master will help you copy all the music and playlists from your iPod to any PC. You can also use the software to sync your data with iTunes. The program automatically detects your connected iPod, allowing you to transfer files between your device and the computer.
Here are some key features of “iPod Copy Master”:
  • Copy iPod playlists back to iTunes
  • Sync iPod rating back to iTunes
  • Faster and reliable transfer
  • Only the first selected song will be exported
  • Cannot sync playlists back to iTunes
  • Cannot enable advanced integrity verify and automatic correction option

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