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IP Address Manager 4.1.0 TrialEspecially designed for network administrators, IP Address Manager proves to be an effective and steady software solution when it comes to consolidating multi-vendor DHCP / DNS management via an intuitive and clean interface, as well as keeping accurate IP address documentation in easy-to-understand spreadsheets. With the help of the program you are able to monitor critical IP resources and get timely alerts and insightful reports each time problems occur. Since it tracks all the IP addresses defined with 4095 subnet masks or fewer, you can easily maintain an organized network. Complete DHCP and DNS administration for a better organization Since IP Address Manager enables you to manage and organize all the detected IP addresses, you can make sure that each connected device has its own unique address, here referring to smart devices, servers or desktop PCs. Additionally, you are able to generate and publish full-detailed documentation and help teams to work on projects with greater accuracy. Furthermore, the application helps you to consolidate the management of DHCP and DNS servers into a more intuitive and logical system so they can behave as one single platform. Track IP addresses and use detailed activity logs to retrieve errors Considering the main purpose for which it was designed for, the application allows you to troubleshoot IP addresses effortlessly – also, advanced network knowledge is not required to work with this program. What’s more, IP Address Manager allows you to determine if any changes were performed to the selected address and generate a complete list with all the occurred events and actions. Apart from that, you are able to view specific properties for each IP address, including MAC and hostname history. Comprehensive IP resource monitoring, alerting and reporting In closing, IP Address Manager enables you to quickly scan and monitor the entire network of your organization and consolidate all the gathered information in one single interface. Stay ahead of serious networking problems such as IP address conflicts or even poor performing DHCP servers and record all IP-related events with ease.
IP Address Manager is a powerful application designed to help you automatize the optimization of IP space usage. This tool allows you to abandon the spreadsheets and other means used for keeping track of the assigned IP addresses in favor of a centralized model. It allows you to monitor the entire network by automatically scanning the devices and consolidating the information in one interface.
Here are some key features of “IP Address Manager”:
  • DNS management
  • Configurable alerts for IP address usage
  • Maintain DHCP services from a web interface
  • Detailed event logging and activity logs
  • 30 days trial
What’s New
  • New Features and Improvements:
  • Support for ISC DHCP management and monitoring
  • Create, edit, or remove DHCP subnets directly and update servers automatically via the IPAM web interface.
  • Manage ISC DHCP subnet options, ranges, and pools.
  • Monitor ISC shared subnet utilization.
  • Monitor server status and availability and IP address static assignments within groups.
  • Support for management of standard DHCP scope options on Microsoft and Cisco DHCP servers
  • Manage all RFC standard DHCP options through the IPAM web interface, including setting up VoIP options (66 & 67) on your DHCP scopes
  • New UI for DHCP options management with data type validator and text translation of numeric value of each option (you don’t have look into RFC doc.)
  • Automatic detection of supported/unsupported options per DHCP vendor
  • Automatic DHCP scope option syncing between IPAM and your DHCP servers
  • Fixed Issues:
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate shared subnet declarations.
  • Fixed an issue with ho…

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