IntegraXor 4.1.4360.0 – 4.1.4371.0 Beta Freeware

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IntegraXor 4.1.4360.0 - 4.1.4371.0 Beta Freeware

A reliable application designed to help bypass the issues related with sending large images on the Internet when using HMI/SCADA systems

IntegraXor is architect based on web technologies, IntegraXor server is indeed a standard compliant web server that added with HMI/SCADA requirements. A complete IntegraXor system always accomplished with at least another client which runs on web browser, either locally or remotely. IntegraXor was developed based on open web standard as much as possible, as advocated by World Wide Web Consortium, W3C. Therefore it is easy to learn how to use the system by using documentation that is available online.
Here are some key features of “IntegraXor”:
  • Web browser client:
  • Visualize plant and processes using a standard web browser.
  • Project Editor:
  • Integrated development environment to configure, develop and manage HMI/SCADA applications.
  • Inkscape SAGE graphic editor:
  • Draw and configure animation graphics using Inkscape SAGE
  • Native device connectivity:
  • Device communications is an integral part of a SCADA system.
  • Open database connectivity:
  • IntegraXor uses the standard ODBC interface to log data to various databases.
  • Alarms and event management:
  • Flexible alarm and event triggering, routing, filtering and sorting capabilities.
  • Trending – Historical & Real-time:
  • Analyze data collected using real-time and historical trends to quickly identify and correct process malfunctions.
What’s New 
  • Added V8 engine making IGX one of the SCADA that having fastest scripting engine.
  • credit: Ilpo; FI.
  • Allow tag name with square bracket for SVG animation.
  • credit: Alex; NL.
  • To ease your development/troubleshooting work, you may now press Ctrl+C or right click to copy tag name from Watch List.
  • Added Modbus UDP.
  • credit: UNGBAR; PL.
  • Added HTML animationCheck out sample ‘Setting’ tab in Demo projectUsing HTML page is lighter than SVG imageThis is specially added for those hard core users who like to hand code.
  • Use actual IP address instead of ‘localhost’ in browser address bar to facilitate remote viewing.
  • Security patch for XSS via login.
  • credit: Ashish; IN.
  • Security patch for clear text password retrieval.
  • credit: Ashish; IN.
  • Fix bug for duplicated tag logging for last good value.
  • credit: Anton; UK.
  • Various bugs fix.

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