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Inspyder Sitemap Creator DemoInspyder Sitemap Creator is a simple and user-friendly application designed to help you generate XML sitemaps of any website you want, helping you determine all the pages of a website and their last modification date. The use of such a program lies in the fact that it can help a website get indexed by various search engines faster. The application is quite simple to understand and work with, as you simply need to enter the URL of the target web page and press ‘Go’. You do not need to install additional components or scripts on your server. After crawling the intended URL, you can export the results to XML. Inspyder Sitemap Creator provides you with a built-in FTP client that allows you to easily upload sitemaps to your server. Additionally, the application features a ‘Ping’ tool that can be used for pinging various user-defined URLs at the push of a button. Using the ‘Excluded Pages’ feature, you can enter various website addresses that will be ignored during the crawl operation, so you can obtain results only from the pages that interest you. Similarly, you have the option of setting up various ‘Priority Rules’. The ‘Scheduler’ tool allows you to set a crawling task to occur every day / week / month at a particular hour. It can even run such tasks without you being logged in, provided that you enter your credentials. The format of the sitemap can be XML, HTML or TXT / CSV. When the task is complete, the resulted file can be automatically uploaded to your FTP account and you can receive an email notification every time the sitemap is updated. With Inspyder Sitemap Creator, you can regularly create sitemaps and upload them to your server, sparing you from a lot of unnecessary effort and saving you time in the process.
Inspyder Sitemap Creator is a useful and reliable application designed to help users create and generate sitemaps for Google in few seconds. Just enter your URL and go. Inspyder Sitemap Creator will crawl your site and generate a Google sitemap that’s ready for submission. No errors, no missing pages, no hassles! Sitemap Creator’s powerful ‘Site Sections’ allows you to quickly and easily organize your pages by priority and update frequency. Furthermore, rather than configure each URL individually, you can use this section for matching groups of URLs at once. After creating your Google sitemap, Inspyder Sitemap Creator can upload it to your website and automatically ping search engines. Sitemap Creator can be scheduled to run automatically so that your Google sitemap is always up to date, even if your site changes frequently. Sitemap Creator is a Windows application, so there is nothing to install on your server. Sitemap Creator works with websites using virtually any backend technology (PHP, Perl, ASP, etc.) hosted on any platform (Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.). Sitemap Creator has no page limits, no monthly fees and can handle huge websites. So what are you waiting for? Start making your Google sitemaps the easy way!
Here are some key features of “Inspyder Sitemap Creator”:
  • Prioritize your Website by Section — Don’t waste time configuring each URL’s priority and update frequency in your sitemap. Using wild cards and partial URLs, Inspyder Sitemap Creator lets you quickly configure entire sections of your site at once.
  • Accurate ‘Last Modified’ Values — Unlike online sitemap creators, Inspyder Sitemap Creator keeps track of when your content changes, allowing it to automatically populate the correct ‘Last Modified’ date for each URL in your sitemap.
  • Automatic Search Engine Ping — After automatically creating and exporting your sitemap, Sitemap Creator will ping the search engines for you, letting them know your sitemap has been updated!
  • Accurate Crawling — Multiple start URLs, domain aliases, exclude/include rules and more enable Inspyder Sitemap Creator to accurately map out your entire site. Say goodbye to missing pages and incomplete sitemaps!
  • Multiple Formats — Generate standard XML sitemaps, plus Google specific mobile, image and video sitemaps!
  • Coarse or Fine Grained Configuration — Set your Google sitemap “priority” and “frequency” values by exact URL or by partial match.
  • Email Notification — When creating scheduled Google sitemaps, configure an email notification so you know what happened.
  • Gzip Output — Save bandwidth by compressing your Google sitemap with integrated gzip compression.
  • Integrated FTP, FTPS and SSH (SFTP) client — Automatically upload your Google sitemap from Sitemap Creator!
  • Size limit on sitemap
  • Schedule function and email notification are not available
  • The generated sitemap will have up to 25 pages
What’s New 
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent video results from loading correctly from saved projects
  • Fixed sitemap generation if no file extension is provided

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