iCal4OL 2.14.1 Trial

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iCal4OL 2.14.1 Trial

A simple and easy to use Outlook add-on that allows you to perform ICS file/feed import, export and sync events with Google Calendar

Highly configurable Sync Solution for Outlook Calendars, Tasks and Contacts with many Web Solutions out there. Stand-alone and background synchronization with Google Calendars, Gmail Contacts, Darwin CalendarServer, DAViCal, Tobit DAVID FX, WebCalendar, EGroupware, EPL, Cosmo, Zimbra, IceWarp, Kerio, Bedework, SOGo, CitaDel, SmarterMail, TibalOS, Zarafa, Horde – or use Outlook as a CalDAV Server e.g. to share with clients using Sunbird / Lightning or ICAL (OS X Leopard). iCAL files/feeds (ICS iCalendar format) can be synchronized, subscribed as remote calendars and exported/uploaded (WebDAV). The various user-definable configurations enables you to perform all types of operations, such as filtering, adding colors and categories, handling attendees, invitations or reminders. The application supports Http, Https, Ftp, WebDAV, CalDAV, GroupDAV, CardDAV, VCARD and LDIF. iCal4OL has a very good support and can run in background.
Here are some key features of “iCal4OL”:
  • Sync with Google Calendar incl. recurrence exceptions, guests and deleted events!
  • Import & link attendees in a Contacts folder, send Google invitations and reminders.
  • Import Filter: by Text (in Subject, Location, Body), Private, Public, Category, only existing events..
  • Choose your Calendar (Google and Outlook)
  • Prevent/Recognize duplicate events automatically
  • Add Categories, Colors
  • Select time period by rule
  • Export selection: Categories, Colors, Private, Public, Cancelled, select by importfile, updated since last run, modified only..
  • Choose VTIMEZONE or UTC-Time for ICS-Export
  • Adjust timezone manually
  • 14 days trial
  • Certain tabs are locked (1. How; 1.1 More; 2.1 More)
  • Nag screen
What’s New
  • Improved: 2-Way Gmail Contact Sync is now faster (incremental during upload). Do not use the monitoring option for deleted contacts. Better deactivate this option. Mostly unnessesary!
  • Improved: Google Calendar Sync: If monitoring option for deleted events is marked, always the full “[X] Select period” is read from Google. Better deactivate the monitoring option. Mostly unnessesary!
  • Fixed: (Too) many delegations e.g. for EGroupware could crash the assistant (Error 6 overflow).
  • Improved: Gmail Contakt Sync does now warn, if more than 10 contacts would get deleted on the server by the monitoring option for deleted contacts.
  • Removed: In the assistant for Google Calendar API (tab WHO), the options for monitoring deleted items was removed. Those options are only useful, if deleted items do not land/stay in the Deleted Items Folder of Outlook.
  • Improved: Default for unsupported CalDAV and CardDAV Server changed. So it may work out of the box.

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