Hot Keyboard Pro 4.5.45 Trial

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Hot Keyboard Pro 4.5.45 Trial

Create mouse and keyboard macros

Hot Keyboard Pro is a personal productivity tool for Windows operating system. Whether you are working, or just having fun, Hot Keyboard Pro helps you make computer tasks faster. Create macros, assign them to hotkeys and forget repetitive tasks! The application’s many powerful features and the fact that it is easy to use will make Hot Keyboard Pro one of your favorite time savers! Hot Keyboard Pro is a perfect solution for workgroups to synchronize and share macros over the network.  For example, you change the text in a macro on a single computer and it is changed across the network instantly. And you can distribute the same hotkeys for any actions over the network. How does Hot Keyboard Pro work? After you create a hotkey, Hot Keyboard Pro hides itself in the system tray and works in the background. When you press a hotkey Hot Keyboard Pro runs selected macro while remaining invisible. Here are some key features of “Hot Keyboard Pro”: · Can automatically insert text in editors and text fields including date/time stamps, text files and more · Launch (or activate) programs · Quickly open folders · Open dialup connections · Open URLs (web pages) · Control WinAmp · Control CD player · Operations on windows (minimize/maximize/etc) · Instantly activate the screen saver with one keypress · Can schedule each macro execution to specific time or times · It is possible to run several macros in a sequence · Increase/decrease sound volume (you can even create separate controls for CD, MIDI and other devices) · Menu organization of hotkeys (lets you define an unlimited number of hotkeys and group them for easier use) · Can execute any macro via a desktop shortcut · Works in DOS sessions · Windows Explorer & Internet Explorer integration · Shutdown Windows immediately or on a schedule · Lists of windows for each macro where it is specifically enabled or disabled · Import/export hotkeys and shortcuts so you can save/retrieve complete sets of macros · Fast text insertions via the clipboard · Record/playback of your keystrokes and mouse actions · Can print defined macros for future reference · Speeds of macro playback can be configured · Launch applications minimized · Hides itself in the system tray · Client/Server architecture available to synchronize macros over the network · Setup Wizard will scan your system on install to define first-time macros for you · WIN key and multimedia keyboards with extended keys support · Each macro can be set to run in specific windows only · Macros can be printed for future reference · SmartAdd feature adds new macros quickly using the clipboard or high-lighted text · International versions available Requirements: · 5 MB of disk space · Keyboard (keyboard with extended keys recommended) · Mouse Limitations: · 21 days trial What’s New  · Fixed screen issues on Windows 8


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